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In discovering your healthiest self, there will be opposition. We will face emotional challenges, doubts, fears, frustrations, and disappointments. When we look in the mirror we see the same old body, nothing changed. Why? Our mind can start playing tricks on us. If our thoughts and emotions aren’t align to our vision, then we start to steer into negative thoughts.  We must choose to dismiss the negative voices and persevere. This takes time, but I wanted to give you some suggestions that have helped me. Reconstruct your thoughts to see how much progress you’ve made.

1. Comparison Trap

Stop validating your progress against what others say or stressing over whether you measure up to “normal” size 2 standards. We fall into the trap of comparison. Impatient because the process is slow and not seeing the physical changes occurring. We must choose to love our body at any stage. Most times progress starts within before it reaches the surface.  Acknowledge good habits you’ve achieved. Every journey is different, every body is different, we cannot pressure ourselves to meet a certain body type. Beauty comes in all sizes. You are making progress, you’ve got what it takes to do it!

2. Words of Affirmation

Daily affirmations are extremely important. Envision who you are and who you are destined to be. I have written down affirmations and display around my home. It can be written on a post-it, notepad, or even on phone, a few words of encouragement.  (I will share in a later post some of my daily affirmations.) Just to give you an idea of what I mean, “I am valuable, I am confident, I am strong”. Reverse the negative thoughts, into positive expressions.  Put them in places, around your home and/or office to read them daily. Your mind starts to rebuild defenses against negative attacks. Recharge your mind and body, to embrace the positivity.

3. Take a break, Breath 

Give yourself a break. Take advantage of those moments of silence. How often do we take a moment to breath? Breathing puts oxygen back in the body and into the brain. Slow the pulse down and focus on the breathing. Remember breathing plays apart in exercising. Breathing keeps us in sync with the rhythm of the body. Often we are not listening to our own bodies. You don’t want to stress the mind or body. Breathing exercises help to relieve stress, deduce your mind and body to relaxation. I’d say treat yourself to spa day whether inside or outside of the home. Invest in candles and soft music to relax.

4. Sleep is so IMPORTANT

We take for granted the importance of sleep. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours. This is extremely important to your overall health. Our brain is active every minute and working overtime at bedtime. Without proper sleep, our focus, memory, and retention isn’t as sharp. Sleep will allow the mind to shut down and rest.  Also, try to incorporate naps, yes naps. Children aren’t the only ones who need a nap. I usually try to do 30 minutes, max, otherwise I would mess up my night routine. Use alarms to monitor naps. There are great apps available to help create a nighttime routine.  If you do experience sleepless nights, please see your doctor for medical help.

Take time to listen to your body and mind.


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