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Hair care has become the latest trend. Countless tips, tricks, DIYs, and products. Haircare is a journey, but can be expensive. It can get out of hand with the excessive purchases of products. My philosophy.… maintain a strict budget. Different products target specific needs. Use affordable products, easy to manipulate, and use in small amounts, make it last. As my hair evolves, so does the techniques. I let my hair make the decisions. Well… sort of, lol.

I wasn’t always a natural. After pestering our mom, my sister and I finally was able to get a relaxer. “What is a relaxer?” A chemical cream to transform the hair texture from curly to straight. Supposedly the hair is “easier” to manipulate and style. The process isn’t permanent. Treatments are done 3-4 months, (not something I enjoyed doing). Relaxer makes the scalp itchy, (warning: avoid scratching), and sitting under a hooded dryer for hours. Literally, felt like I was there all day. I’m so excited I don’t deal with this anymore. (Hallelujah!!)

DAH-DUH! Glamorous, silky, and shiny hair. “Oh, She got Good Hair!” For many years, I endure this. It was one of those fabs, lots of girls did. I would obsess over flipping my hair and run my fingers through my hair. But this glamorous hair came at a cost. What the heck, my hair?! My hair was thinning, shedding, breaking, and lots of heat (curling irons, flat irons, etc,). Sigh, the price of beauty.  From straight hair to unhealthy, damaged hair. I needed to get help and fast!

Then I met my fiancé in 2012, and everything changed. He always wondered why I didn’t wear my hair naturally.  I never thought about it, or maybe I was afraid my hair wouldn’t look good. Over many years, I damage my hair with lots of heat and colors. I never research proper ways to take care of my hair.

My then boyfriend thought I should embrace my natural curls. He would always say, “be different, you look good.” I hesitated, I didn’t want to do it. “What will people say? What would I even look like?” A few of my family members wore their hair naturally, but come on, they had “good hair”. Curls was popping! I didn’t think my hair would even measure up to theirs. (Sad, but true, women we do a lot of comparison when it comes our looks).

Until, social media expose the beauty in curl power.

Thank you, YouTube. I was inspired by many hair vloggers to make the transition. I did not do the big chop. I wasn’t brave enough, just stop going receiving relaxers, embrace my natural hair texture and gradually cut off the chemically treated hair. It took time and lots of patience to get where I am today. Lots of emotional roadblocks to confidently accept my hair. It was extremely scary! Insecurities about my looks seeped in. Thankfully, my family, friends, and fiancé accepted the change. My dad couldn’t be any happier. (He preferred I was natural from the time I was born. LOL).

At times, I was frustrated and irritated, I wouldn’t even leave the house if my hair didn’t look “Perfect”. “Who am I trying to impress?” I invited the stares, compare my hair texture against others, and anger over the results of my hairstyles not similar to the videos. I was blindsided from the truth, just had to stop and embrace my hair with confidence. Daily affirmations, “I am beautiful just the way I am”, thanks Billy Joel. LOL!!

My hair doesn’t define my intelligence, hard work, and personality. It really is an accessory that I have to carry around everyday. I refocus my attention on healthy hair rather than criticize. And I start to enjoy learning ways to take care of not only my hair, but develop a healthy lifestyle. Focus on my health and wellness.

It was a new revelation. How deep we hide behind our hair, we also hide away the beauty we possess. My newfound journey encourage me to accept who I am regardless of what others think.  I didn’t have to walk around with shame. I am shameless. I am beautifully and wonderfully made by the creator. I am BeUTifLee!

We are always growing with our hair. Embrace your beauty, enjoy the journey.

Hair Stats:

Transitioned: 1 year

Have been completely natural: 5 years

Have been growing my natural hair: about 6 years, 4 months (including transitioning)


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

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