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It’s undeniably the greatest drink God ever created. Refreshing, crystal clear, and healthy… WATER! It’s the only drink to kickstart your healthy journey, but highly underestimated… Why? For many it’s not the prefer choice. Here are some fun facts about water to stay hydrated, fuller, and refresh.

Water is an nutrient for the body, which can be found in liquids, foods, and just plain water. It’s important for the water intake to equal your output, otherwise you will become hydrated. Fluid loss can occur from warmer climates, strenuous exercises, high altitudes, skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and stool. Remember to replace water loss daily to maintain good health.

Why do we need water? 

Our body is made up of about 60% water, includes digestion, absorption, circulation, creating saliva, transporting nutrients, and maintain body temperature. More important, water provides your blood with oxygen to flow and clean.

Good morning, have a cup of water

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should have a glass of water. A cool glass of water helps to wake up your bodily functions.  If you skip breakfast and water, you’ll literally be running on empty. Remember you have a full day ahead of you! The healthier option should be water, its simple to prepare and less hassle. Fatigue is another sign of dehydration, especially if you didn’t get much sleep the night before. Water has the ability to travel quickly throughout the body, reach the brain and give yourself a boost of energy, before a meeting or a deadline.

Muscles need hydration

Water will energize the muscles, without adequate amounts of  fluids, it can result in muscle fatigue. Water awakens the circulatory system and organs, rids your body of waste, with the help of your kidneys. Your kidneys cleanse and rids the body of toxins, but not without the help of adequate amounts of water. Without water, you will experience urine discoloration, odor, and concentration increase and decrease proper body functions. The result of water loss will be pulled from your stool and can lead to constipation.

Water aids in weightloss 

Substitute higher calorie beverages will aid in weight loss. In order to see progress in your weight loss journey, substitute high-calorie foods (fast foods), for water enrich foods: fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, beans, and soups. It will require more chewing and your body will absorb them slowly, but will make you feel fuller, faster! Another option, drink water before eating your meals to feel fuller. If ever you feel hungry between meals, have a refreshing drink of water first, you may find out you are really dehydrated. Drink water with meals and snack, definitely keeps calorie intake lower rather than excessive.

Drink enough fluids when exercising.

Drink a glass of water two hours before exercising, to avoid dehydration during and after workouts. Remember water output results from sweat and urination, must replenish your water intake after a workout as well. The amount you need to drink will depend on your weight, health, and the environmental temperatures where you exercise, as well as other factors. Please consult a license professional in regards to the amount of water intake. 

Drink away the Germs!

Drink water when exposed to sick people in the hospital, at work, or even in school. Drink more than usual to rid the body of germs and viruses that we pick up. The water may help to keep bacterial and viral invaders from settling and multiplying in your system. Especially, when we get sick, mom is definitely right about drinking plenty of water, to get better.  The standard 8 glasses of water daily still apply, but other fluids contain water, like tea, juice, and soups count towards the total intake.

Healthier Glow!

The best part about water, which I can attest to these results, water helps aid in your skin looking and feeling amazing. Water functions as a protective barrier to prevent excessive fluid loss. Dehydration will make the skin appear more dry and wrinkled. Don’t expect a miracle cure to erase wrinkles or fine lines. Water replenishes moisture and reduce the amount of wrinkles, but we have not discover the fountain of youth. Another great way to truly lock in moisture into your skin, use moisturizers, a physical barrier to trap moisture in. Its best to do this right as you leave the shower, before leaving the bathroom.

*As always check with a professional about your health and effects of water intake. I am merely just providing some information I gather through research. I am not a licensed professional, use your own discretion with the information. I am not held accountable for the decisions and actions taken upon the receipt of this information. Again, check with a licensed professional!*



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