More than just coffee…

More Than Just Coffee

Hey guys,

I’m back with a new series called “More than just coffee”, to ramble about anything, funny stories, adventures, or any topic that comes to mind. Come, sit down…..I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but definitely wine or tea, LOL. Not sure whether I’ll post every weekend, but we’ll see what happens.

I just want to open this to you guys to get feedback and inspiration. I do enjoy writing! Without further ado….

I’m one who enjoys the weekends, unwind and blast my music. It was a late start today, apparently I am extremely lazy when my fiancé is home. We just want to lay around in bed and snuggle (other mushy stuff).

Since we’re getting close to Halloween(not a favorite holiday), we’re trying to figure out what costume to wear. I join the festivity because of the cool parties and my fiancé enjoys doing it (its the little things that make him happy, Awwww). Anyway, so I’m not sure what we’ll wear this year. Last year, we were the purge, (black outfits, mask, and my wooden bat with fake blood on it). I couldn’t get the red color off the bat, but makes for cool effect though, lol! And the year before that, we were the warriors, collaboration with some family members.

Sidebar: If you’ve not seen the movie called, “the warriors”, check it out, good movie. Let me know what you think?

Not sure about this year. Any suggestions? It has to be cheap, cause it is last minute.

Looking forward to watching the 2nd season of “Stranger Things”. The name speaks for itself. Make sure to check it out and yes, you have to watch the 1st season to know what s going on. LOL! No spoilers for now!

I’m rambling now, but I wanted to share something with you guys. I am literally a scaredy cat, especially of the dark. My fiancé is definitely my night in shiny armour to protect me. I never watch a scary movie alone. He literally has to be with me, lay next to me, wake up and go to the bathroom with me, type scaredy cat! LOL! (I’m exaggerating, but the bathroom thing is really.) I don’t like anyone sneaking up from behind to scare me. Even if the person is joking, I would literally punch someone or worst. Nor do I even like people to hug me around my neck from behind.

Sometimes, childhood experiences can leave a bad taste in your mouth and linger for many years. It was one of my dad’s pet peeves. He disliked when my siblings and I would play behind his back. Oh, boy would he get irritated, lol! We would get the lecture about how it was disrespectful, etc. Now I can understand, because it irritates me.  It’s worst when someone is leaning over you while you’re working on the computer. That annoys the heck out of me, like why are you so nosy. Geez! LOL!

Enough about me…what are some of your weird fears?


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