More than just coffee…

More Than Just Coffee

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Hi friends,

In need of some friend therapy now sigh! I mean we all get annoyed by some things, but how do you handle it. Enjoy the storytime.

Etiquette 1: Aiplanes

Being in a public place can be noisy and crowd, but there are some things I can’t accept.

My fiancé and I were traveling back from vacation, we were seated opposite, facing the aisle. Each row sat 3 people, so the women sitting next to my fiancé was chewing her gum… LOUD, it was beyond annoying. I understand chewing gum helps the ears from popping (elevated air pressure), but the popping noise from the gum was going to pop his ears! Everyone is entitled to their own comforts on a plane, but when you’re popping your gum right in a persons ear, its hard to be relaxed. We were both upset. The only time she stopped chewing her gum was for lunch. And she put the same gum right back in her mouth, YUCK!

I couldn’t take it, I mean I wanted to reach over there and yank it out of her mouth. My fiancé thought the headphones would drown out the sound. It didn’t even help, she was oblivious to how loud she was popping the gum. I tried to play it off by speaking loud about how rude it is to chew gum loud that noone can hear the movie. It didn’t even help! UGH!!!

How would you have handled this situation? 


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