More than just coffee…


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Hi friends,

I hope eveyone is enjoying the weather. Its like part winter in the morning and spring weather in the afternoon. You don’t know how to dress…. confusing.


I’ve been watching hallmark channel. They are airing holiday movies, YES! Back then, romance movies would gross me out😝……Now, I’m so excited, the Holiday season is here! Holidays are all about love. And what’s the holiday season without having someone to share it with❤️. My favorite is snuggling up with my bae on the couch, under the blanket, watching movies, and sipping hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows ☺️.

This season is going to be great! It’s our first Christmas together in our home! I hope to share some of my decor ideas with you, soon!

What are your favorite things to do for the Holidays?   Comment Below…..


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