Real vs. Artifical

Hi Guys,

My fiancé and I want to purchase a real Christmas tree in our first year spending the Holidays, living together in our new home. I couldn’t be more excited to get one, but much to my excitement its quickly turned into horror.

As I was listening to Star 99.1, the host shared an unpleasant story about a friend’s experience with real trees. And couple of viewers shared their experiences, too.

One family couldn’t figure out why there were bite marks on the present, only to find out a squirrel was living in the Christmas tree.

A women found spiderwebs popping up all over the tree. When she finally took the tree down after Christmas, they found spiders living inside it, it took them an entire year to rid there home of spiders. Luckily she said they weren’t huge, but 😱!

I want to make the right decision here, but what should I do?

My fiancé thinks we’ll be ok and just purchase the real thing, but I don’t know, guys!

Help me out, should I get the real or artificial tree? If so, how can I avoid any creepy crawlers from getting into my house? < em>Also, what type of tree should I get? <<
l, I️ might sound like a big baby, but it’s my house we’re talking about. I don’t want an extra roommate.


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8 thoughts on “Real vs. Artifical

  1. We always do artificial. It’s simple, prelit, and then I don’t have to worry about the tree dying before Christmas. We did real trees some when I was a kid. The smell of the tree is something special. But then again, the potential of creepy crawlies. Maybe trim and shake the loose junk out before bringing it in, especially if it is in a net. Maybe spray it. Most critters don’t like peppermint oil. So diluting some in a spray bottle with water and spraying it before brining it in may help.


      1. There is not such thing as overreacting when it comes to spiders and bugs. Heck no! Haha! I use peppermint all the time to help prevent any critters in places. Plus it smells Great, and Christmasy!

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  2. Girl, I’ve had my artificial tree for YEARS and it’s so easy to put up! Got it at Target years ago and it has lasted me a really long time. The only thing I liked about a real tree when I was younger was the smell but thats it. It was such a pain to pick one out, load it in the car and then get it into the house. And then the maintenance of it. Ugh! My tree is artificial, pre-lit already (a lot of them come like that now) and ready to decorate. Its so easy and then when Christmas is over, I put it away and re-use it next year and thats the best part about it!! Hope this helps 🙂

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    1. I’ve had artificial trees in the past. Artificial makes life simple. I really wanted to try something different this year, but not now, lol… I’ll stick to simplicity


  3. I like you was concerned with all the dangers of having a real 🌲 but I bought one anyway last year. I bought it because Justin missed having a real tree and the fake trees seemed way to expensive including the non pre-lit ones. So we got a real one. Well I didn’t consider the mess and my apartments heat. The tree died faster then I could keep it alive due to the heat. It barely survived Christmas morning. I was so worried that it was going to catch on fire so I barely kept the lights on. I did love the smell and the cats enjoyed climbing and sleeping in it. So that was a plus. This year we got a cheap tree. I say go for the real just so you have the experience. It will be a great follow up story if you do.

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