Holiday Rescue


Happy Holidays Friends,

OMG 😮, I’M SO EXCITED!! December is finally HERE! Christmas music playing on the radio, decorations are hung, and gift wrapping just begun. Of course the stores are crowded and soon the family will be visiting. YEAH, I’m soooo EXCITED, can’t you tell! 😂

I know it can be overwhelming and a bit stressful, but I wanted to send you some holiday tips to help smooth through the Holidays.


Creating a budget is the absolute best.  You have the power over your money. Don’t get caught up in commercialism. Sit down and plan exactly how to spend your money, on gifts and decor. When buying gifts, focus on simplicity, thoughtfulness, and necessity. A very meaningful gift shows appreciation. Always stick to the budget, you don’t want to end up with empty pockets or in more debt by the New Year.


Make sure to save your coupons, whether emails or mail. Most stores hand out coupons when you spend a certain amount in October. They can be redeem in the months of November-December. Never jump at the first sale you see on the TV, your pockets will run dry before you know it. Always have a budget and a plan. The focus of Holiday is spending time with friends and family, not on the amount of gifts. Dollar tree is a great spot for ANYTHING you need. Don’t underestimate the value and quality. You’ll be surprise what you find, when you take time to search.


Oh, yes Pinterest is your BEST FRIEND. Its easy to do and less of a hassle. Make gift baskets, body scrubs, games, decor, and so much more for less. The idea of a gift basket shows time and thought was spent to place all the goodies the recipient would like. Anything can be a gift basket, decorate with accents (ribbon, avery design templates, ornaments, anything) makes it more festive. You can even make holiday cards or postcards right from your own computer. Youtube is great for tutorials.


No need to get overwhelm when guest come through. Breathe and plan. Again, if its not in the budget, go for potluck dinners. Everyone brings a dish, drinks, and/or desserts. Keep track of what everyone decides to bring. You don’t want 50 fruit cakes, (by the way, the worst cake ever, lol. I’ve not taste a good one, yet!)

One year, the cousins decided to host dinner for the Holidays. So, it gave our parents, uncles, and aunts a break from cooking. It was enduring to see us working together. Eventually, we would take the rein of hosting Holiday get togethers, anyway! Remember its a miracle to see everyone, healthy, happy, and alive; rather then stress over giving every single person a gift.

Be Present:

Don’t let your mind worry about creating the picture-perfect foods, decor, or even  table scape. Enjoy the blessings right before your eyes! Playing games with the family is the BEST! Don’t forget about the classic board games. They even have adult-size games, SOOOO much fun!! We get to laugh, cry, and be silly around love ones. These are the moments you’ll cherish forever.

Be in the present, cast your worries and frustrations aside. Release the inner child, be happy, it is contagious! Also, checkout “Unwrapping the Names of Jesus” by Asheritah Ciuciu, great for the whole family and amazing stocking stuffers. Get even closer this holiday season, engage in discussions, give each other the gift of blessings, enjoy fun-filled activities to do with the kiddies! A great book for the whole family!

Click the link below:

Remember this year is about spending time with LOVE ONES. We are all fortune to witness another Holiday year and a NEW YEAR to come. Don’t stress over perfection or rude relatives, make the best of what you have and the rest will fall into place. When you are having fun, others will join in the excitement!

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