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Hi guys,

Can we talk about text etiquette? Although it’s convenient to text and go, but there are some questionable things.

I can’t stand the wait for a response like hours or days later. I, myself, I do send long message, I need to get my point across, only to receive a one-word response. Really?! I get so frustrated. I pour my heart out into every word, even though it maybe a novel, but in return I get one word response “ok” or “k”. Its infuriating.

Ever send a text when angry, wrong on so many levels. But uppercase letters and exclamation mark helps to get the message across.

Warning ⚠️: Don’t argue texts while at work or before work. I find it hard to focus. At the most, I rather avoid engaging in the messages, nor should you read them. Both sides fight to get the last word. I just let the bubbles appear as if I’m typing, when in actuality, just make the recipient wait, FOREVER for a response! evil queenThey’ll leave you alone after no response goes through.

Do not, absolutely do not text and drive. Accidents can happen to anyone driving while texting. There is no professional technique to doing this. Either pull over to the side of the road or wait to you reach your destination.

The same can be said with texting and walking. Especially, during an intersection. Focus on your surroundings. Your life is much more important than a phone. Darting into traffic, can cause damage not only to you but others as well. Be safe and put the phone down!

Another note: please stop texting while walking with babies, take time to spend with them. I’ve seen many parents walking in front of their child, while the baby is far behind walking by themselves. Anything can happen to the child within seconds. Take the time to supervise your child.

My favorite part of texting, receiving cute messages from my baby. I swoon over lovey-dovey messages from my man. And he knows exactly when I’m thinking about him. From the beginning of our relationship, we’ve never stopped texting each other throughout the day. It makes my heart melt, 😍

If you’ve not done so, checkout Bitmoji. Its sort of like Text comic strip. Makes texting so much fun. Avoid using them all the time, it can be boring.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

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