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Hey Friends,

Here’s a fun gift guide for your curly friends. They make great stocking stuffers, inside a cute box or basket. I’m sure you have plenty lying around the house or you can find one at the craft store. And we curly girls can’t get enough of great accessories. Happy reading!

hair ribbon tiesRibbon Ties

I’ve be terribly obsessive over these hair ties. Ribbon ties, versatile in many ways. I use them to tie my hair in an updo or as a head band. Even better, they come in various colors. My fiancé and I wear them as wrist bands for added style. It’s gentle on the hair, without detangling or ripping the hair. The material helps to reduce frizz and friction against the hair. I prefer to buy them, but you can opt for an easy DIY. (If you want a tutorial on how to make them, let me know!)


satin scarf

Satin head scarf

This is my lifesaver. I never go to bed without it. You can tie over your hair to preserve styles or curls. At times, I don’t even tie it around my head. More often, I prefer to wrap it around my pillow and sleep on it. Protect curly hair at night is key to maintain healthy hair. Cotton isn’t friendly to curls, so satin is the best!


gold bobbypinsBobby pins

Literally, can’t get over how much I use these. There never seems to be enough, lol! I tend to lose them a lot, my fiancé gets annoy because he finds them everywhere, in the car, bathroom, his clothes, in the bed, literally everywhere! They help to keep hair in place or really cute hairstyles. There are variations to types of hair pins, but I prefer the ones shown. I love to DIY them to give them a pop of color or accent to mines to add a bit of flare to my hairstyle.


alligator clipsAlligator clips

At first, like most curly gurls, I use combs, mental clips, just about anything to section my hair. Then I found these and it simplify life. Awesome for holding hair in place when styling or detangling my hair. Very gentle on hair strands, firm hold, and easy to grip. You can find them at any hair supply store or order on amazon, like I did. You can never have enough.


satin scrunchiesSatin Scrunchies

This is great for tying my hair up during the day or night. At night, I loosely tie my hair up in a high ponytail (pineapple) to preserve my curls. During the day, at work or before a workout, I want to keep my hair off my neck, but protect my hair strands. Since they come in various colors, it makes for great updo hairstyles.

manuka conditionermanuka deep conditioner

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Conditioner & Deep Conditioner

This is the best product for the winter. Curly girls hair guide involves using a lot of conditioner to maintain the moisture and bounce of curls. Plus, hydration is key to maintain the strength and elongate curls, deep conditioning is a must. Winters can be brutal, this is definitely one product your friend needs in their arsenal to combat dryness and breakage. Trust me, they will be in love!

Here’s how I assemble my gift box. I purchase mines at AC Moore and added shredded colored paper to prop the items up. This will bring your friends JOY this holiday season!

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