Gift Guide Pt. 2

Gift Guide 2

Hey Fellas,

I definitely couldn’t forget about you guys. Here’s a curly guys gift guide for men (tongue twister). Thanks too my fiancé for the help. You guys are apart of the haircare community as well. You gotta have the fade looking right, waves define, and curls popping like Luther Vandross, lol! Ladies, definitely love a man who can take care of his hair. I love using my fiancé products, when he’s not looking too! Here’s some gift ideas for our curly gentlemen. Happy Reading!

wide-tooth combhair brush

Comb and Brush 

As curly girls, we know this is the right tool for detangling hair. My fiancé uses the comb in the shower. Although, he has a low cut, he has a little length on the top. While in the shower conditioning his hair, he will use the comb to further detangle. It helps to evenly distribute the deep conditioner, for overall hair care results. He uses the brush to keep the baby hairs laid and right! The bristles aren’t hard, either. He likes to tame his sideburns and beard, too.


pick combAfro Hair Pick

After all products have been applied to hair style. It’s great to fluff out hair for fuller curls. My fiancé uses it all the time to create the perfect afro. He doesn’t like his curls lumping all into one section. He wants curls to be defined and fuller. Great tool to have in your arsenal.



shampoo and conditionerTresemme Flawless Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

Men, your hair deserves a treat. Your hair is going to love to drink this in. I mean we have both fall in love with these products. The smell is amazing and the results are incredible. Its absolutely great for the cold, brisk weather. Men, if you use a lot of different hair products, this shampoo will clarify the hair, while the conditioner brings back moisture and life to your curls. It’s definitely for all hair types and a great price. Walmart is the best place to find it. If you’re luck you can get the large size as well with the pump.


plastic shower capPlastic Shower Caps 

In order to achieve the best deep conditioner, invest in these. They come in a pack of 10 or more. You can find them at any local hair care supply store and very cheap. My fiancé uses them while deep conditioning his hair overnight. Use any deep conditioner of choice, place one of these caps on, plus use a satin scarf, bonnet, durag, or a wool hat overnight. Your hair will feel silky the next morning. Take deep conditioning to the next level.


Amla Hair oilDabur Amla Gold Hair Oil

OMG! Men this is just what you need for hair growth. I came across this watching a youtube channel of a guy explaining how he grew his hair. Although, my fiancé isn’t into growing his hair long, he uses it to maintain his length and strengthen his hair strands. The smell is great, perfect for men who aren’t into the fruity, sweet smells. Its an alluring smell. Its a bit runny, but perfect for wet and dry hair. I order mines off of Amazon.



Shea_Moisture_Jamaican_Black_Castor_Oil_Strengthen__Grow__amp__Restore_Leave_in_Conditioner_431ml_1483543857Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor oil Leave in Conditioner

Shea Moisture can we work on these long titles, lol. Who doesn’t know the great benefits of the Shea Moisture hair care line. There have products for all hair types. A little goes a long way. This has done my fiancé hair wonders in the winter. He uses it everyday to re-moisturize the ends of his hair. Castor oil is known for growth, strength and restoration benefits from roots to tips. It’s creamy and hydrates the hair. Apply this after the Amla Hair oil. Great combination!

Grab all of these wonderful products for your husband, friend, or family member. Place inside a gift box or bag, they will love them. Remember its the thought that counts. You can even throw in a gas gift card. Your man will love you even more and then some!


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