Kids Holiday Craft

Holiday Craft

Hey Fam,

Holidays bring out the artist in everyone. DIY’s are the new wave and everyone is joining in.  So I wanted to share some fun craft ideas to decorate the tree that are very simple. Spending fun and creative time with the kiddie’s makes Christmas much more memorable  Happy Reading!

I decided to hire some little assistance to help make this cute DIY projects. It was a total hit with a bit of a mess. No matters, we got to spend time together and make memories. Thanks to my nieces, they actually love the idea to make fun ornaments. Even so, they wanted to open all the materials and spill on the floor. Luckily, I had duplicates, thanks to the Dollar Tree (best store for craft items and its CHEAP!)

Here’s the materials we used:


Most of the materials, I purchased from Dollar tree and AC Moore. You can use anything really, its your preference. What I couldn’t find in Dollar Tree, I found in the nearest craft store. Surprisedly, I’m close to a lot of them.


First, we decided to make our ornaments. I had different styles available: (mason jar and circle), so the girls could choose the one they wish to decorate.  We use the funnels to add the snow (artificial snow) to fill the ornaments. Remember to use clear ornaments, in order to see the decorations inside.

IMG_0394.JPGJust remember, add a little snow at a time. We learned pouring too much, caused the snow to get stuck in the funnel. I told my niece to pour in a little at a time. Warning: makes sure to have help in stabilizing the circular ornament because if it rolls the snow will fall out. LOL! It was a constant mess. No matter, we use a wooden surface, so clean-up was a breeze.

IMG_0393We also added glitter. I purchased 3 colors to represent the standard colors for Christmas. In the end, my nieces choose to use all 3 colors inside their ornaments. Go Figure! It’s their own creativity. I think they just enjoyed pouring the glitter and snow. I had to remind them, not to add too much because we wanted to see the design.

IMG_0392We added embellishments to the outside and inside the ornaments. The embellishments had a sticker in the back to make pasting them on the ornament easier. No glue needed! The older niece even added smaller ornaments and drums inside her mason jar. Overall, the results were beautiful.  LOL!

Afterwards, I had them hang it on my tree for safe keeping. It was the first ornaments on my Fiancé and I tree. I love seeing them decorate it!


Next, we decided to use the pinecones to make miniature Christmas trees. Let me explain!



Again, each girl choose a pinecone. I gave them a cup of glue to share, along with small paintbrushes. They began brushing the paint onto the pinecones. Remember to cover the entire pinecone with glue. It will help create a sparkly effect with the materials in the next step.


I gave each of the girls a cup of glitter to sprinkle onto the pinecones. I had to show them the pinch method, because they were just grabbing handfuls. Pinch and sprinkle method always the glitter to fall all over the pinecone. And it saves time from wasting all the glitter in one section. Afterwards, what was left inside the tin foil, we rolled the pinecone in it to get more glitter onto it. (I use the tin to limit the amount of mess from the glitter. Ironically, glitter gets everywhere. Months later, you’ll still find glitter on your body.)


Overall, it was great to spend time with my nieces doing what we love. Clean-up was a breeze, because we all chipped in and helped. I love this idea, as kids love to play with glitter, glue, embellishments, etc. I love seeing their creativity grow. And it makes decorating for Christmas, not a task, but enjoyable! Who doesn’t love decorating a Christmas tree.

Give these a try. I promise they will be a hit!


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Happy Holidays,

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