Tending the Table

Table scapes (1)

Hey Friends,

I’ve developed a passion for decor, who knew?! I enjoying checking out catalogs, Pinterest, or even spending time shopping for exactly what I want. Funny enough, I actually have more patience to shop for decor or accent items for the home, instead of clothing (online clothes shop is my niche). My focus today, is about creating the beautiful, festive table scape.

Yes the Holidays are here, and what better way then to shop for holiday themes to decorate the table. Wait…here’s more excitement, you can do it on a great spending budget. AWESOME!!

The napkins, napkin holders, and placements are from Pier 1 Imports. I love this store, even better, I got a great discount because I attended one of their workshops. Mental note: I will be attending more of their workshops to earn discounts on future purchases. They have beautiful items for home decor. I’m in LOVE!


placementsNostalgic Christmas Plaid Fringed Placement

Price: $3.49

I purchase two. I love the colors and patterns. It reminds of the standard Christmas designs from the past. Very subtle, but fun!




Napkin ringsFrosted Foliage Napkin Ring

Price: $3.96

OMG! I fell in love with them, from the moment I’d seen them! What’s more christmasy than this? They accent the table beautifully. I couldn’t wait to use them. I purchase 2 of them.




Red or Green with white blanket stitch napkin

Price: $3.68

I love the simplicity of this because when added to the napkin ring above, it accents each other beautifully. I added both the red and green napkins together with the napkin ring. Both napkin colors together complement the placements.

There is nothing you can’t find at a Dollar Tree. You just have to take time to search and its worth the time to find just want you need. Why not? The price is amazing!

silver traySilver Serving Tray

This just brighten everything on the table. Since it is a neutral color to help pull the red, green, and white to the forefront of the entire style. Honestly, its versatile in its uses throughout the entire year. I can’t wait to carry it over to other decor styles.


The bowls in the picture were from my Aunt. She had a huge collection of dishes that she gave away before she moved. They’ve held up for many years. Which comes to the two wine glasses on the table. I believe I had gotten them from my aunt. She was very good at keeping things in good shape. So I guess that gene was passed down to me, as well. I just love how everything came together. And what made it even better was the flowers, my fiancé had them delivered, just because he love me. He did a great job!

As you can see, simple and inexpensive pieces put together can make something elegant, festive, and appear expensive. The table was given too me as a housewarming from my last apartment. It’s still in great condition, but black can be a bit dull. With this project, I was able to give it more of a holiday look. I love how it turned out.

Stay tune for more projects to come!


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