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Hey Fam,

OMG, what is happening with iPhone? These updates are getting out of hand. Honestly, am I the only one whose having problems?

First, off I regret doing the 11.1 update, I’ve lost some very important data in my apps. One of which I needed to complete student assessments. I was boiling over with steam.

What was even worst, I couldn’t use the apps without the screen freezing. Not to mention the issue of loading. I consistently dealt with my iPhone restarting every time I tried to open any app. Not only the apps I’ve downloaded, but even the default ones. Almost the slightest swipe of the touch screen was severe. It was frustrating, I couldn’t view any of the messages I received. Don’t get me started on typing.

Did anyone experience this issue with texting? Whenever, I tried to type the word “I”, autocorrect would send “A?”. What is that?! Google, my friend informed me many people had the same experience. They were numerous complaints about this and Apple was fixing the bugs. Which meant, another update would be sent out to every iPhone user. sigh!

So like most customers, the only option is to use file a claim with the insurance to send another replacement (refurbish, of course). Come to think of it, this is my 3rd time I had to order a replacement phone. Technology does have its drawbacks, longevity isn’t possible, but seriously the price of these phones should match the quality. Our cellphones are our livelihood. Although, breathing is still a function humans do on their own, lol!

Enough, of my complaining. Apple I do love you because I wouldn’t abandon you guys. Although, I’m going to stick with my 7 plus for a while. I hope for this New Year, just take your time to work on updates and devices, before launching.

What are your thoughts?

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