More than just ☕️

Hey Friends,

Frankly, if 2017 taught me nothing else, but of one importance. We all love to talk, maybe a little to much. Nothing is private and we don’t care who we let into our lives. We give them permission to criticize, bully, and demoralize our characters. Yet, it doesn’t give viewers the right to do so without consequences. Let’s face it what is the general purpose of social media. Or more like what it has led, too.

The purpose for some is business, while many use it to destroy others through hateful words. What I gather is sometimes “broken people” do hateful acts. They believe bullying others is an outlet from their own issues. Yet, it shows their underlining pain and suffering. We’re born into a broken world, some more damaging than others. Does that mean we accept it? No, we try to be an example of justice and right. We can be the shoulder they need to lean on. I feel like being an example of uplifting others, instead of tearing them down, a domino effect.

We face an epidemic of injustice, right in our neighborhoods, inside the home. The news media is flooded with all sorts of travesties. Many Americans grow up in the belief of hatred, just right out of the womb. Many nations face the epidemic, living under a dictatorship or right in our own presidential office. How do we cross the line to evoke unity?

We stand for free speech and honesty. However, let’s clearly define what it means and how it should look. We all stand for the amendments but turn around and call the president names. By no means, do I support what he stands for. He’s abusing power at his will, to inferiority others. We’re all clashing, fighting fire with fire! Two flames don’t put out the fire, it causes more damage.

Being honest, doesn’t give permission to be disrespectful. Being honest is about accepting differences, not invoking segregation. How can we change the world, by pushing or shaming others away? It only makes them rally more people of hate. Creating more hatred and separation. We have to get at the root, and plant the seed. It takes time to manifest and grow. People hate because of their own broken lifestyle. We have to be the example of good, we want to see in the world. Frankly, it will take a lot of us to carry the cross, just as Jesus did to see the change. It’s about seeing the hope. As naive as it may seem, it’s what I’m leaning on right now. I hope to be the example. I hope to spread the word. I hope the message is received properly. I hope it sparks a change!

Let’s use social media to represent goodness and not hatred!

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

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