Simple Haircare Hacks

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Hi Guys,

I’ve been a natural for a couple years now, its always evolving. I’m always finding ways to maintain the health of my hair. Trying to tame my hair for years has been a struggle, but I’ve been able to work it down to a simple science. Here are my top 6 hair hacks to for healthy hair!

Cleansing (Not always sudsy) 

Shampoos carried the stigma of “stripping” the hair from its natural oils. Experts note, silicones block the roots and hair shaft from retaining moisture it needs. There are alternatives to clarify and cleanse the hair with natural products.

Personally, do what works for your hair type. For some, shampoo has always been a staple in their haircare regimen, without damaging effects.  I use shampoo only when I have product build-up from (gels, mousse, creams, or sprays). Most often, I’ve chosen to use natural oils and butters to style my hair. I prefer other cleansing methods, such as ACV rinse (Apple Cider Vinegar) or Co-washing (Conditioner Wash). It’s really your preference, feel out what works for you, your hair will let you know!

Replenish moisture

Conditioners are your detangling friend. Never do a wash day without conditioner. Most often, I co-wash (conditioner wash) my hair. Shampoo clarifies your hair, but you SHOULD ALWAYS follow-up with conditioner. I have learn, people tend to skip this process. Conditioner revitalizes and rehydrates your hair shafts from roots to tips.  This is also PERFECT to apply under your styling products (gels or creams). Conditioner infuse water back into your hair to reduce dryness, frizz, and breakage. Conditioner is a must in everyone’s hair regiment. NEVER SKIP ON THIS! For Best Results: deep condition overnight or for the entire day, your hair will feel like silk!


I cannot stress enough how important water is to our body. Not only internally, but externally. Hair needs water to grow, similar to plants. It needs to flourish, strengthen, and grow, but not without the aid of water. The magic of water is endless. Checkout my post here about the benefits of water.

Sleep in protection

Cotton is not nice to our hair. It can cause breakage, frizzing, and absorbs the moisture from our hair. The friction from cotton can affect the health of your hair, especially if you sleep on it. Use satin or silk pillowcases to maintain healthy hair and skin. Both are great for moisture retention. Setback: my fiancé complains about slipping off the bed because of the satin sheets, lol! Best Investment though, Walmart has great prices for satin sheet sets or just a pillowcase.


natural hair 2Best method ever to free hair knots, just use your fingers. It takes time, especially if you have a lot of hair. With lots of hair try to work your hair in sections, never all at once. It can be tiresome and achy on your arms, sigh! It helps to retain the length of your hair without breakage or split ends occurring. For even more support, use a spray bottle fill with water and a wide tooth comb, (only use comb after finger detangle). The best option, jump into the shower, use your fingers or comb under the water stream to detangle faster.

Styling tools

Avoid heat as much as possible. I repeat, AVOID HEAT!!! Heat damage can occur if you’re not aware of the proper heat setting to use on your hair. I prefer to let to dry my hair, naturally. Air dry does take longer, but I know its the best choice for now. If I do use heat, its only once a year. If you use heat tools, invest heat protectant products. Always wear protection! If using hooded dryer, put it on the cool setting or warm setting, remember less is more effective. Lately, I’ve been obsess with protective styles, simple and cute for everyday. I can wear it for an entire week.

Hope these tips help. I try to find simple ways to take care of my hair, instead of spending hours in front of the mirror or in the shower. Your hair is manageable, figure out what works for you.

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