Live everyday with intention

intentionalHow to be more intentional for 2018? Why does it only have to be for the New Year? Heck, I’ll just focus on being intentional, period. Revamp the way you approach your “goals” or “resolutions”, we all fall short on once the New Years Celebration fades away. Build a habit, in every season and stage of life to be intentional. We’re not seeking perfection people, lighten up!

As of right now, my list of intentions 

Schedule, Me Time. I tend to always think about others first, saying yes when I mean no. In addition, to using planners to plan my day, I’ll pencil in time each week for ME. Let go of “adulting” sometimes, embrace the lazy days. I don’t mean we should procrastinate. Just once in a while, Girl let Yo’ hair down! 

pocahontas wind

Health. Yes, I know this makes the list every year for many people. Encouraging myself to be more selective in what I eat. Again, not going “Cold Turkey”, throwing all unhealthy foods in the garbage. NAH! I welcome a “cheat meal”, a cheat day would turn into a month. I tend to balance my meals, by making my second plate more of vegetables. Making more smoothies, simple and try new recipes. Increase energy levels and physical health, naturally, but not complicated. I can fall off if I’m overwhelmed. Clearing my mind by writing my worries down, pray over it, and finding peace. Just got into diffusers, so far so good.

Discipline.  I’m taking my time in this area. No Gym Zone! Yes, you heard right. Its always a failure. I’ve been inspired to try yoga, its been on the back of mind for years. After reading other blogs, I’m choosing to build discipline, flexibility, and center myself. I’ve done yoga vaguely, its intense, but the stress just melts away. Since my home is a space for comfort, I tend to be lazy. I will join a local yoga studio and surround myself with others in the same fashion. It’ll keep me focus and I can meet new people.  Pace Myself, not trying to achieve the Ultimate Beach Body!

Bookworm. Last year, I fell off on the side of the road with this goal. I never got back on track. SMH! In advocating self-care, I’ll cozy into a good book and my favorite tea. This is where I can escape reality, zone out! Although, the norm would be self-help books, but I rather flip through my favorite genres of murder mysteries, romance, scifi, and comedy. Stay tune for book reviews.

My Inner Planner. I need to get organize. Women, we are born with the ability to multitask, but it can be overkill. I’ve tried to avoid this, to prevent having to carry around a big planner, daily. I’ll take a crack at it, lets see how it goes. My bestie gave me one, which I use now to schedule my blog posts. Currently, I decided to write out my to-do-list, reminders, and schedules in a planner, for more visibility. Helps to keep me on track and zero-focused on the present day. I refuse to let worries about tomorrow or failures from yesterday keep me from enjoying the present.

Friendship. Towards the last two months in 2017, I venture out to become more sociable. I have a comfort habit, of settling at home and watching youtube channels or working on my laptop. Initially, to get over this, I started this blog. This is my outlet to meet others and get inspired. Now, I want to put it in more practicality in my everyday life. I’m an introvert, but learning to incorporate extrovert tendencies. Meeting new people anywhere and being comfortable with small talk.

Gratitude. Living for the present and being grateful for those moments. We take for granted the blessings we receive. Even the small blessings, we should celebrate. Distracted by the busyness of life, forgetting to appreciate the blessings. We’re grateful to see another day and for the people in our lives. Don’t Stress! Be Bless!

These are my intentions for now. The reason I say this, because our intentions are subject to change. We humans, tend to do something we call EVOLVE. In retrospect, our intentions change to accommodate for evolution. The same should be for any goals or resolutions we set for the year. Our main target is to reach a happier medium.

Happy New Year!

bob marley

How will you be more intentional? 

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