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One of my intentions for this year, reawaken the bookworm. I’m starting a new series (attempt) to post each month books I intend to read. At least 2 books a month, post a review, share my favorite munchies, and highlight my next reading list. You guys can be my accountability partners, maybe we could have book discussions. 🧐🤗

As I nestle up on the couch, under my favorite blankey (superwoman), a mug of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows, skinny girl popcorn (da bomb, do we still use that phrase, 😂), and my favorite books. What more can a girl ask for? For now, I purchased e-books, since it can be cheaper!

January’s booklist:

the emotionally healthy womenThe Emotionally Healthy Women: Eight things you have to quit to change your life

Author: Geri Scazzero

This one will more likely carry over to next month. It might take me a while to finish. This will help to detox the spirit from all negativity. Women our emotions are intense and linger for years. Since the start of the New Year, I’ve decided I would detox my mind, body, and spirit. So far this book unveil things I hadn’t realized I was doing to hinder my blessings from God.

Please pick it up. It may be the answer you’re seeking to jumpstart your spiritual journey.

Be set free, live set free!

Whole New YouWhole New You: How real food transform your life, for a healthier, more gorgeous you!

Author: Tia Mowry

“Sister, Sister”, I love that show. SideBar: A reboot for the show is coming. EXCITING! Anyway, she’s an advocate of health and natural lifestyle with flavor. She is on the cooking channel, I loved watching their reality show, and overall she is a beautiful role model. I want to dive into some of her recipes. She shares her failures to success with health. The rollercoaster of eating habits over the years. Plus, share information about food and it’s affects on the body. I recommend this book as a starter to a healthy lifestyle.

Dont let goDon’t let Go

Author: Harlan Coben

If you love murder mysteries, this is your guy. He takes you through twist and turns. Truthfully, I’m always able to pinpoint the suspects before the ending, but it’s always the one you least expect. I love it, plus I enjoy chatting about it with my bookclub. I swear Coben never disappoints. I can’t wait to get through it and add this to my collection. Have a little fun, get your detective hat, there’s a mystery to be solved!


What books are you currently reading?

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