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OMG! I love food, pizza is my favorite! In moderation, of course. Since I’m focus on being more intentional, it also applies to food, workouts, and peace of mind. Recently, from my doctors appointment, I found out I lost 3lbs. OMG! WOO-HOO! It’s the small things, small victories. I’m so ecstatic, but I don’t want to lose focus, by celebrating with a load of calories tonight. If I can make it this far, we can keep going. GO GIRL!

small efforts

I’ve decided to do a detox this month. I’m into teas, plus moderation of foods (both healthy and unhealthy). I don’t do cheat days, because I’ll end up falling back to my old habit. However, I do a cheat snack or meal. Most days I select more vegetables than before. Anytime I choose to get a 2nd plate, it’ll be more vegetables, then carbs. I’ve noticed I wasn’t getting enough of the proper nutrient. I am going back to smoothies, I can get in more greens and colorful fruits. As always, drink lots of water, flush the toxins and help organs function properly. I want to invest in the best physical shape from this year and over. This is not just a resolution its a lifestyle. Total lifestyle makeover. 

It’s about the focus of one day at a time. Making conscious effort of food selections. It’s not easy, it’s brutal, because breaking bad habits, challenging. We’re all victims of  emotional eating and stressful eating. (Fun Facts: Habits aren’t broken until 60days) Sigh! Don’t panic, we can do it, one baby step at a time. I was knocked down a couple times this month, but get back up, persevere, tomorrows another day.

Enjoy learning more about myself, weaknesses and strengths. Learning to lean on God to get back on the health track. He knows my heart. If I consistently put pressure on myself, I will lose sight of self-love. I’m a perfection, but I’m learning to let things slide. Spending more me-time, embrace the laziness (sometimes, not to hinder from completing my most important work), spa days, pray (all throughout the day, for everything), hang with fun & positive people, and just have fun. Embrace the mistakes, learn, and move on. Encourage myself with the Godly elixir, drink from the living water.

Exercises: Focal Area

I’ve decided to take on this challenge. See if I can keep going EVERYDAY without fail. Again, I’ve fallen off track, but I managed to get back to it the next day. So here’s my challenge:

30 days challenge! (You can join anytime, no need to wait to start at the beginning of the month. Jump right in and start. Modify the exercise if you choose. Instead of leg lifts, I’m doing abs. The amount for the set, will be different.)

Check it out!

Disclaimer: Go at your own pace, no rush and keep in mind about any physical limitations before performing the workouts. Always check with your healthcare professional/physician before performing workouts. Beutiflee isn’t held liable for your choice to do the workouts mentioned above. Simply to provide personal opinion of what I choose to do. These are my opinions Use your own discretion.


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