January Obsessions

Monthly Obsessions (2)

Hey Fam,

How’s everyone start to the New Year?  I confess, January is coming to an end. I’m going to miss you! I can’t believe it, in 1 days its going to be over 😢. I’m excited to share some of my recent obsessions for month. Primarily, once in a while, I’d like to post my favs. It’ll just be random things I use a lot (food, clothing, beauty, etc).  All of them are things I purchased and thought you might like them too. Enjoy!

pumpkin muffin

Pumpkin Muffins

OMG! I’m in love with this muffin. This is like Jesus made them himself. Whole foods makes them fresh daily. And they even add the pumpkin seeds on top. The muffin is moist, soft and just the right sweetness (no too sweet). I’m going to learn how to make these from scratch. Great for breakfast, side of eggs, & turkey bacon. I prefer to eat it by itself with a cup of tea. For my coffee drinkers, this is definitely a must for on-the-go breakfast. Delicioso!

almondmilk beverage

Almond Milk 

My cousin introduced this too me. I love adding this to my hot chocolate. Best substitute to non dairy lifestyle or those allergic to dairy. Bonus: its soy free, I try to avoid soy as much as possible. Again, if you are allergic to nuts, this is not the drink for you. The taste is smooth and light. It doesn’t have the bitter, unsweetened aftertaste.  You can served it with any type of cereal. I love it! My family likes it!


Relax Melodies

Many years now I’ve been having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.  I’ve had an unbalance, unhealthy lifestyle, which I’ve allowed to affect my sleep. Someone mentioned using white noise apps to fall asleep, but I soon discovered it wasn’t for me. Although apps are endless I came across this one and enjoyed it. Comes with many different sounds and its free, but you can sign up for the pro to unlock more. Honestly, the free sounds works the best. I will not sacrifice my sleep for anyone!

hot chocolate

365 Organic Hot Cocoa

I’m a bit obsessed with Whole Foods brand 365 Hot Chocolate Packets. I’m moving towards more organic brands, but I’m not trying to break my pockets. Whenever I need to kick the chocolate cravings, this is my go to product. Which doesn’t happen often, (or at least I try not to overdo it.) This is delicious, light and a touch of sweetness. You still get the chocolate satisfaction. No need for a chocolate bar, just a nice hot cup of this, makes me smile. Plus, its very cold where I live and this is my favorite remedy. I’m a kid at heart, and this never gets old. All I need are the tiny marshmallows.

Have a good day!


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