February Beauty Picks

February Beauty Picks

Missed you guys last month! Lots been going on, I promise i’m working to get back to what I love! Thanks for your continued support!

February really, flew by! It’s still an ongoing process to get the hang of how to retain the health of my hair. My ends are unusually dry, causing lots of breakage, NO! I’ve decided to muster up some courage to invest in a new product. Honestly, I was quite uncertain, to say the least, whether it would work, reluctantly it was a surprise. Keep reading!

Pantene Gold Series:

It smells like a citrus, flower. Very, outrageously potent (my version of how to describe it). It doesn’t stink, but the fragrance is very LOUD, lol! It adds a touch of elegance to your hairstyle, it can be an obsessive smell. I was genuinely impress by how well my hair responded to the products. An enriched formulation, leaving your hair feeling soft to the touch. Bonus: its infused with Argan Oil, BOOM!

Pantene-Gold-Series-Product shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner

Literally, the shampoo does a great job detangling. WHAT?! I’ve never experience this before. I can confidently say, I could past the shampoo from the roots and down the hair shaft. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling stripped, dry, or even sudsy. Since I don’t use any other hair products (gels, creams, etc), shampooing once is good enough for my hair. The conditioner, well its a no brainer, adds a lot of slip and detangles easily. Leaving hair manageable and nourished. It glides on like butter and moisturizes the heck out of my hair. I am in LOVE! With its creamy texture, a little goes a long way, especially with the price. Seriously, I can’t get enough of this conditioner.

repairing mask

Repair Mask

Remember to seal the deal with hair washing, using a deep conditioner or hair mask. Conditioner is actually the last step. After shampoo, I follow up with the hair mask. This is crucial, never skip this process (advice for my curly friends of all hair types). The repair mask amplifies the moisture retention. It speaks for itself. As of lately, my hair has never felt this amazing during the winter weather. Leaving it in my hair to marinate and penetrate, leaving my hair felling soft and detangled. My ends feel moisturize, ….Yes, I also trim my ends, but this product sealed the deal. This is apart of my haircare for now (subject to change, as we all know).


Next, is my favorite quick and easy, go-too for in-between wash days. During the week, I like to do a quick co-wash, eliminate long hours of washing. What a drag! Similar to the creamy consistency, adds slip , and contribute to detangle the hair. During the week, I don’t like to spend hours in the shower or an entire day, from washing to styling. Totally not here for that! So this makes it simple to re-hydrate my hair, plus add life back to my curls. Water is what our hair thrives off of to maintain its health. Similar in theory, like plants, they need water to grow and flourish. Our hair needs the same type of care and nurture. Oy-vey! Curly life!

pantene leave on

I’m still a bit undecided about this one. I mean it has a bit of watery/creamy texture. It smells amazing and it pairs well with the butter-cream below. I’m not sure of its effects on my hair. I’m not saying its bad, I’m just not sure about  leave-on or leave-ins. It does help to detangle the hair for the last time before styling. It is a bit runny, but creamy at the same time. It would work excellent under gels or mousse, to prevent flaking or drying. As mentioned before I need something focus more so on my ends and stop my hair from drying in the winter. Its good, so I’ll continue using it. Give it a try and let me know what you think of this one in particular.

butter cream

Lastly, this is a gem. It’s a bit thick and creamy, feels like butter. My hair drinks this up. My ends have never felt better. Right now its in a stretch state, but it feels softer and has grown a bit. Trust me when I say its important to find the right products to increase the health of your hair. I’m not a fan of a lot of hair butters or creams, they can be too thick. This will be in my arsenal of choice for the majority of my hairstyles. It helped to maintain the styles and locks in moisture.  Its a great product!

These products were worth the investment. You don’t know until you try them. I only share products from which I, myself enjoy using. This is not a sponsored post, I purchased these products, myself. I’m really glad to have given them a try. Its best to treat yourself and hair to quality products.

Have you given these products a try? What did you think? 


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