A hunger for the Father


I’ve embark on a spiritual, intimate walk with God. Releasing the old me, surrender to God and restart my life. I’ve been hitting snooze to many times, stuck in a similar rotation, and its time to change course. I’ve come a long way in my walk with faith, but there is still more growth to be made. As of last year, I planted my feet in a new church. We’ve decided to embark on a 40 day fast, (coincides with Lent). February 18th – March 30th

People have done this for years. This is new territory for me. God placed it on my heart, the time has come to be set free from bondage and forgive. When God gives you a directive, well you’re supposed to do it, right? 

*The fast is based on the Book of Daniel

Book of Daniel 

In the Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon besieged Jerusalem. He captured several Hebrew men, including Daniel to train and learn the language of Babylonians. The Hebrew men were offered food and wine offered at the King’s table. Daniel refused the royal offerings, from King Nebuchadnezzar who worshipped a false idol. Daniel decided to keep the commandments with the God of Abraham. Daniel believed their needs could be met and revitalize their appearance as proof God of Abraham does exist. Among having many visions and hearing the voice of God. They decided on a Fast, for ten days they would feast on fruits, vegetables, and water ONLY! Towards the end of the fast, Daniel could understand visions and dreams from God, clearly. Plus, their appearance look healthy and youthful. (This is not why we should choose a fast, its not about looking great. A fast draws you closer to God spiritually.)

What is a Fast

Fasting is not food-centered or about weight-loss. On the contrary, fasting is about what God can do in us, not about doing it for him, or to manipulate God into doing something for us. This is not a test for God. Fast helps to detach the desires of the flesh and awaken the spirit. Basically, we sensitize the spirit. Similar to Daniel, we want to receive visions and dreams from God. Hearing the voice of God clearer then ever before. We’re invoking an intimacy with God. Detach from addictions, bad habits, and block out distractions. We study the promises of God, discover Gods true identity, understand Jesus sacrifice for us, and how important God is in our lives.

Why Now?

I need God to move through my life. Surrendering all of me to God. Giving God reins to do what He needs to do to change me. “Lord, Have Your Way!”  Reveal the hidden areas of my unfaithful and disobedience, reveal unforgiveness, break old habits where it hinders from receiving blessings, and reach the power of a praying woman. Asking the ancient old questions, many of us ask: Who Am I? 

Only God can provide the answer!

Many of us suffer from Spiritual Amnesia, forgetting all the times God has been faithful. My vision has been cloudy for years. I never took time to identity my worth as a daughter of God. I lost the ability to hear God, to digest the word of God spoken over my life. I wasn’t applying any of it to my own life. I settled for less than what God had for me.

Don’t let the enemy of your soul talk you into accepting anything less than what God has for you. -Stormi Omartian

Choosing this path is a beautiful gift, but we are not devoid of opposition. Many will not understand the sudden change, but change is inevitable. In order to be who I am destined to become, growth must happen. I wish to obtain freedom, peace, and joy. God desires to give us peace which passes understanding, joy which comes every morning, and to live an abundance life, beyond what I could ever imagine.

I want to let go of the reigns, allow God to steer my life, which is the scariest part of letting go.

let go and let god

As I open my spirit to produce a direct line to God (Fasting), the Holy Spirit will assist me in the journey. Many questions and afflictions cross my mind, for I know God will answer. The bible holds the key to all. God does want us to ask of him, but God asks of us too. We are called to be obedient to God.
Time to walk into the Wilderness.

God has asked us to come to the altar, his arms are open wide.


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “A hunger for the Father

  1. G’day Tiffany, a great post. Good stuff welcoming this season with open arms. New seasons can be a bit full on but one step at a time yeah, and your not alone! Will pray for ya as soon as I post t his comment!

    If your interested I did a series of posts called Born again identity.

    Thanks for sharing

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