If we were having coffee….


Haven’t done this in a long time…..

If we were having Coffee….I’ll order the Green Tea, go ahead and order what you like..

I’d like to tell everyone a special Thank You for the birthday wishes! Love it! But the celebration isn’t over.

March 7-8, 2018:

A snow storm hit our area on Wednesday, “Nor’easterner”. No work for two days, which meant no work on my birthday. I shouted for Joy, as much as I was stuck inside. There were lots of broken power lines, outages, and fallen trees on the road. Of course, I was inside for my birthday, but it didn’t stop me from having a party. I blast my worship music and praised God all day, even through the household chores. But I couldn’t forget to watch my favorite Hallmark romance and mystery movies.

In the evening, I met with my church group to pray and study the scriptures. In previous post, I mentioned our church engages in the 40 day fast, so this would be day 19.

The spirit moved strongly through us and show us growth (at least for me) in ways to receive the Lords Word. God is doing amazing things. Oppositions are coming, but its means the enemy is attacking us with all his might. Which could only mean, we’re getting closer to the breakthrough. In Jesus Mighty Name!

March 9, 2018:

What a surprise to receive when I arrived to work. Gifts from the parents:




Unexpected and beyond what I imagined. I celebrated my birthday with my students and coworkers, we had enough cake for everyone. (It was a cheat day for me!) I’m so thankful for all of these gifts God gave us. I’m just happy and blessed to be able to do God’s work with the students. They are very good students, (lots of busyness, keep me on my toes), but I love what I do.

Too be continued…….signature

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