March Obsessions

Monthly Obsessions (1)

Hey guys,

Welcome back, I can’t wait to share this months obsessions. Although, I enjoy trying out new hair & skin products. By no means, am I product junky. I refuse to have clutter or devote an entire closet to haircare products. I’d like to take a leap and try new foods, organic of course. Please make sure to read the labels, before putting in your body. Keep scrolling to find out whats new in my arsenal of Food selections!

steel cut oats

Steel Cut Oats (365 Brand)

This is a great source of fiber and protein. I prefer this type of oats versus the roll oats or even instant oats. The texture is definitely something, at first I had to get use too, but the way I flavor them, is Oh So Delicious. Of course it is organic and plain, but this is the fun part of being able to experiment with flavors. They do take a while to cook, but the serving size is perfect for one person. It is filling and healthy. Bonus breakfast to start the day off right. As we know women we need lots of fiber, to maintain regularity, if you know what I mean. Read more about the health benefits of steel cut oats, by clicking this link!

 veggie puffs

Bearitos Veggie Puffs

I’m obsessed with these. These type of chips are popular now. Remember in moderation. My nieces love them too, (training them to eat organic, now, lol!). Note some of the ingredients are sweet potatoes, kale, tomatoes, carrots, and spinach. You can find them at Whole Foods. They go so fast off the shelves, so when I do find them I manage to get 2 packs. Sadly, at times they don’t even last a week at home. You’ll find out why, soon enough!

smart water

Smart Water

Here I go again. I would be a fish out of water if I didn’t have a bottle of water with me. This is my most trusted friend during my fast. It has graciously given me clear skin and detox my body. A great Bonus! I’m still thinking about whether I will keep this as my only drink for the next couple of months. Yes it will be my only beverage of choice. Haven’t officially decided on it yet. You cannot ever go wrong with water. Again, if you don’t like it plain, add some fresh fruit to it for flavor.

plaintain chips

Plaintain Chips

Want a great snack. On the go for sure. Whole Foods makes them fresh. When I go to whole foods, I like to try new things. As with all foods, you have to eat moderation. Be warn it does have a lot of salt. I just eat a handful, once in a while. I’m watching my salt intake as well.


**Disclaimer: Always check with your healthcare provider about foods you add to your diet. I am not an expert, but these are some of the foods I enjoy and thought I’d share them with you. Beutiflee is not held accountable for your decision to try these foods and the physical affects they have. Always use your own discretion when trying products and/or foods.**



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