How I stuck to the Fast?

Jentezen Franklin

Since I’ve spoke so much about my spiritual journey with the Fast. I thought I could share ways I stuck to the fast (both spiritually and physically). This journey wasn’t about food, but it helped to shock the flesh, while being spirit-led.

The purpose of a fast is about the direct connection to God. Walk by faith not by sight. Frankly, it’s about starving the flesh (prohibit the worldly temptations, this can be different for each person, it may not be just food) in order to feed the spirit.  In the first post, the church I attend decided to participate in the Daniel Fast (fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts ONLY!). The teenagers decided to fast from social media for 40 days, most adults decided to remove specific foods, drinks, or harmful substances which held them in captivity. Again, check with a licensed professional physician before engaging in any type of FAST. Your health is priority!

My goal for the fast, was to develop healthier eating habits, but I need a mental breakthrough. I wanted to awaken my spirit and control my fleshly desires. I’ve fallen in and out of the shadows far too much, I yearn to be closer to God. I needed him more than anything. Not by my will anymore, but by Gods will!

In the midst of this fast, I had never done this before in my life. Of course, I was initially scared!

“Would I be able to do it?”

“Would God be mad if I fell off the wagon?”

“Would my group members be a support system for me?”

“Would I truly receive a breakthrough? Blessings?”

All normal reactions when starting a fast for the first time. I certainly had my fears and felt God would punish me if I slipped up. The first instinct is to run and hide. But God is everywhere, meaning God wouldn’t leave me alone without a roadmap of how to accomplish this task. Jesus says, we are never alone. The LORD is always with us, all we need to do is ask for his help. And I surely did ask for his help! His help did involve removing the barrier of fear, put my guard down, and expose my truths. God already knew them, but I had to confess and cry them out, literally. When all was said and done, I had made the first step.

In the beginning, I chose the scenic route of the Daniel Fast. I avoided specific foods sweets (cakes, chocolate, & candy) my weakness. Yet. these weakness related a lot to my fleshly desires. If I chose to give into these unhealthy foods easily, meant I gave into temptations of other aspects in my life, primarily relationships. There is similarities in the way we eat and personal choices in other aspects of our lifestyle.

The first two days, I felt my focus and vision a bit blurred. I forgot where I had placed all my work materials. And I had a slight headache from the sugar withdrawal. Throughout the 40 days, I slipped up, we had parties at work and the temptation was deep. The enemy was working overtime, especially since March was my birthday month. It didn’t go so well with the fast. (Could be the reason why God has asked me to fast for couple more days). In the small groups from church I was able to try healthier recipes. Plus, get more tips for ways to attain the right amount of protein.

I didn’t have a clear idea of how to get into prayer, so I prayed to ask God to show me how. A friend suggested a book, “The Power of a Praying Woman”, this was a lifesaver. Each page turn, I was enthralled, my spirit drank in Gods word like never before. I was thirsty, for sure! Please get a copy ladies, trust me! But God again, called me to do more, what did he ask of me, next?

God instructed me to filter what I watched on television, listen to in music, and choose the bible more. I filtered what mine eyes would see, what my ears would listen too. Praise music all day, everyday. I had to fill my temple with Gods words. I tried to limit it to Hallmark movies and mysteries, but the flesh was getting very weak. (I’m newly single, another on this topic later).

I’d watched the “War Room”. This movie has been on constant repeat, every single day. I was open to the idea of seeing “I can only imagine” which is about my most favorite band. They brought me into my Christian walk. Not only did I see the movie I was able to watch them perform live again, EXCITING! These two movies revolutionize the way I view God. His words hit many nerves within my spirit. I was scared at first, because I’ve never experienced this kind of deep relationship before. I wanted to learn more about God.

The combination of everything help to maintain my target goal of Fasting. It’s not about being legalistic. We may make mistakes, which I’ve done, but God gives us the grace to get back up and start again. He will never leave you broken or fallen. I diverted my attention away from the temptations to fuel the spirit with the word of God.

All of this wasn’t a smooth process, the enemies will always plot to disrupt our focus. The closer you get to God, the more the enemy attacks. Around the same time, I was facing a breakup, transition from “our” home into a new place, shattering of my dreams and love, the basis of another failure. It was a tough time, so my desperation to accomplish this Fast was a priority. “GOD over everything!” My quote for the year, for sure! This was the wilderness I needed to walk into, and here I went. In the mist of everything, God remove the boulders I were carrying. I started to feel lighter.

God, you have been the greatest blessing I could ever receive. I am still not completely without sin (we will never be without sin, perfection is only in God), but I can walk securely with Him by my side. I am open to see the light in my surroundings, even when it may look dangerously dark. I’m touched by love unlike anything I’ve felt before, plus I can redirect the same love towards others. My prayer strategies have become more focus. I enjoy sharing these strategies with others. I enjoy the bible more, not as a casual reading and put it away, No I SLEEP with my BIBLE! Yes I do, the best sleep ever!

My energy is better now. I can wake up earlier without feeling tired. I make it too work earlier than my scheduled time. I listen with more intention now. My mouth is still a work in progress, meaning I get too excited and talk a little too much. God told me to work on discretion more now. Its good to talk, but there needs to be a balance. “Slow to speak, quick to listen” -James 1:19 (God and I have been working on it since last year, we’re closer now, lol!) I enjoy my time with friends and family, I love being with my nieces. Bonus, God is using them to train me, (this part I’ll explain later!)

God is good, when we choose to Let Go and Let God!

Have a bless week!

(Re-edited August 14, 2018)


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