Simple ways to make Mornings Marvelous!

Mornings Marvelous

I have never been a morning person. Oh, I’m the one hitting the snooze button, wiping drool off, and turning over for more sleep. Lol!

Surprisedly, my mornings bring me joy and peace. Here’s some of the ways I manage joy in the morning, while still having time to beat the traffic.


Just before my feet hits the floor, I sit on the bed and chat with God. Our conversation is something like this:

“Thank you Jesus for putting me on the wakeup list.

Thank you my body is able to function today.

Thank you for giving me a purpose today.

How can I honor you, today?

Who can I help today?

Use me for your will today?

I pray for the Holy Spirit to direct me and give wisdom. I surrender and ask you, Lord to take captive any thoughts and attitude not honoring to you. Purify my motives and reveal if there is any unforgiveness in my life.”

Then, I would read a bible verse from my app to meditate on throughout the day. Pretty much, I spend at least 30 mins or more in prayer before my feet touches the floor.

Fuel with positive words

While getting dressed, I listen to either Joyce Meyers or Joel Osteen sermons on youtube. These moments are a time to fill my mind, heart, and spirit with positive words. This focus my behavior and attitude in the right direction. I’m prepared to face today’s challenges with the word of God. Worship in the morning, cancels out any negativity coming my way! The sermons usually pop up on my feed, ironically, seem to be exactly what I need to hear.

Breakfast & Lunch

Usually, I prep the night before. Some options involve: Steel cut oats, fresh fruit in jars to make smoothie in the morning, greek yogurt parfait, etc. It depends on my mood and what is available. I try to avoid eating lots of carb. Breakfast has to be simple, plus I arrive an hour early, to eat my breakfast. It’s a win-win for me! Lunch consist of salads, chicken, beans, quinoa, etc., with lots of vegetables and fruits. I try to target a lot of vegetables in my diet, because I don’t get enough. In-between snacks, I’ll have nuts, a protein shake (plant-based), fruits, and dry vegetable chips. Almost forgot, I drink lots of water. I eliminated all sugary beverages. I’ll indulge with fruit-infused water or drink it straight from the bottle. (I like my water on the rocks, lmao, jk, jk).

Side Note: I’m not always strict on my diet and I do have slip ups. But I always, try to avoid any sugar pastry, candy, and not a coffee drinker. It’s about trying your best to choose healthy when possible. But as we are all emotional eaters, it can be a hard habit to break. We will prosper with Gods help! 


I prep my outfits the night before, head to toe. Yes even the undergarments are set out. LOL! Trust, you will save plenty of time in the morning. I don’t want to run around the house looking for clothing items. Luckily, I love to organize my home, which means my closet is colored coded, so if I do change the clothing selections, its within arm reach. Set aside two outfits (for hot or cold climate), you’ll have more options to choose from in the morning. I wear minimal jewelry (earrings and iwatch). My makeup is simple, I have to be diligent in keeping my skin clear, prefer to take a break from wearing foundation, daily. Personally, it can clog your pores and dehydrate the skin.

Work Bag:

I always prep my work materials in my bag the night before. Honestly, I don’t make much of a mess. If I work at home on the computer, everything is in its proper place. I can grab and go, if I don’t have time to prep at night. I put in place organizational systems, so keeping things clean and organize is my priority and passion. Maybe, I’m anal, but I don’t make a fuss. I purchased one of those small bags with handles and wheels, easy to transport. Love it! I can put all my work items in the bag. Makes less of a burden to carry on my shoulders.


Last, but certainly of valuable importance. It is vital you get a good nights rest. I’m talking 6-7 hours. My bedtime is 9pm, no later than 9:30pm. I still use a sleep app, with the white noise and other sounds to help me fall asleep. Before going to sleep, I sit for an 1hr and half to read my bible and journal. Journaling allows me to dump everything or to reflect on the success of day. I am able to sleep at peace. I always keep a bottle of water next to my bed, in case I get thirst at night. Plus, my doctor advise me to have water at night, especially if the heat is on at night.

 Never would I have imagine, to be able to complete all of these task before heading to work. I enjoy the mornings so much more now. It was rough in the beginning because at night I wouldn’t go to sleep until 10:30p or 11:30pm. Why? Due to social media, suffering from FOMO (Fear of missing out). Since completing the fast, I am more focus on the word of God to give me peace of mind. This peace helps me get through the day. My body deserves rest, I can focus better and have more energy. It is well worth the investment. When you make time for your body and mind, you can function at your best.

Stay refreshed and stay nourished!


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

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