Cozy Corner with Munchies and Books

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Welcome back!

I’m excited to say, I’m more of advent reader now. I’m currently in between 2 books, so I wanted to share them with you.

Today’s delicious munchie I love to indulge in, which can be a breakfast, lunch, or a snack.

I do switch between the total & 0% milk. It depends, but I have become accustom to the taste. Plus, you can add nuts, fruits, honey, or agave to make a delicious parfait. Give it a try and experiment with delicious fruits. I crumble the nature valley and add it to the yogurt for a refreshing snack. Its very filling.  Have fun eating healthy!

Dave Ramsey“Complete Guide to Money” by Dave Ramsey

My church offers the Financial Peace University (FPU). It’s a great financial tool, if you want to get out of debt permanently and manage your money. The truth is you have to build a plan. Yes, plan how to spend your own money. Every cent, every penny, and every dollar, needs to be plan out. It does require a budget, because the truth is no one else is going to set your finances in order. If you’re done falling into the debt hole, with no outlet or opening for recovery. Make this first baby step to regain power over your finances.  A great read, short chapters, and biblical scriptures to back up the knowledge. Remember its your choice on whether you want the power over your money will make the difference. Money shouldn’t rule your life, you can take back the control. God is your guiding hand.


Fervent“Fervent: A woman’s battle plan for serious, specific, and strategic prayer”

I purchase this a while back, tried to read it, but wasn’t ready. One year later, this season I pick this up and gave it another try. Thanks to the movie War Room starring Priscilla Shirer, made all the difference. I usually read this in the gym while on the treadmill. Its a great strategy to fill my mind to push harder on the machine, without giving up. At least in my mind. We need a battle plan against the enemy, especially during recent events in our world

The enemy works overtime to keep the division in this country. The enemy works to keep hatred alive. The enemy works for wars, racism, and poverty to thrive. There is a war, flesh against flesh. Its causing travesties across the entire world. Behind the curtain is the enemy using us as his puppets. We need to break the strings, bring God back to the forefront, and put on our armor for the Glory of God. Let prayer be the first arsenal against the enemy. A great read!

I’m enjoying many of the books I’m reading. So far the selection has only target one specific genre, but I plan to venture into new territory. Back to the mysteries and romance. I’ve missed them!

Give these books a chance, you never know what you’ll discover. Happy Reading!


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