April Obsessions

Monthly Obsessions

Here’s a fun fact, I’m obsess with teas, for Real! I love to try various flavors, without honey, sugar, or milk (yuck, there are tea drinkers who add milk, Not Me!) Teas have great benefits toward our health. Honestly, a cup a day keeps the Doctor away. I need a separate cabinet for quite the collection I have. There’s still room for more, lol!

These are my current must-have in my home. The health properties, speak for themselves.

Mint tea

Organic Mint Melange Tea

Mint is considered the calming and soothing herb to aid in upset stomach or indigestion. Known for it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It supports weight loss, relieve nausea, depression, fatigue, and headache. Plus, it can help with skin care problems. Quite interesting.

Peppermint aids to eliminate inflammation, cures bad breath, aids in weight loss, and boost immune system. Helps to improve proper digestion, reduce pain, and I know for a fact it can wake you up in an instance, especially when you start to feel sluggish.

Lemongrass provides relief from stomach disorders, insomnia, fever, aches, infections, etc. Plus, it supports detoxification, can be used in aromatherapy to combat against fatigue, anxiety, and body-odor.

Honestly, with all of these great benefits, my body receive the proper support and health it needs to function daily. But like I always say, in moderation.


Chamomile tea

Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile is not only regulate sleep, but can soothe menstrual cramps, protect the skin, reduces belly bloating, boost immune system, and lower stress levels. Wow, I totally didn’t know this. Research means everything. Once in a while, I’ll drink this tea. I tend to stick to a sleep schedule and sleep app sounds. But this is a great tea for relaxation. For sure, a great tea, overall.


green tea

365 Organic Green Tea

The last, but not least, definitely one in everyone’s home, Green Tea! Its popularity vastly supersedes any other tea. I mean what doesn’t Green tea not provide. Green tea is not only a great beverage, it provides preventive and treatment for high cholesterol levels, infection, tooth decay, heart problems, and many more. It’s endless what this miracle tea can do. Mostly known for weight loss properties, yes aids in losing weight.

Honestly, we all know teas are great in taste, but through research they supply great health benefits. Not only for weight loss! Remember, to drink in moderation. As my doctor says, “Too much of something, can lose its affects on the body.”




*Beutiflee always advise readers to check with a licensed, professional, healthcare provider before adding any food or beverage to your diet. Beutiflee is not held responsible for your choice to use foods or beverages in your diet. Beutiflee only provides products of which I love, I personally use, and know you would enjoy them, too.*

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