April Beauty Picks

April Beauty Picks 2018 (1)

Hi Friends,

Before we say goodbye to April, here are this months beauty picks. (FYI: I’ve been using them for months). These have been in my haircare regimen and they just keep adding to the collection. Of course, this is a popular brand, but this particular collection is a gem for my haircare. It never disappoints, especially during these sort of mixed seasons we’ve embarked on this year. I know you’ll enjoy them as well, just the same! Enjoy!

Shea Moisture 

Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Collection

This has been my go-to every time I wash my hair. They’ve expanded the collection as of this year and I’m excited. I’ve chosen only 3 of the products from the collection. I avoid shampoos and gels for this season. I wanted to focus on the health of my hair, it was dry and brittle. Of course, this line couldn’t have made my hair more happier than ever before. I am so glad I stuck with it and have loved the styles I’ve been able to create.

manuka conditioner

My wash day isn’t without this precious gem. It makes detangling a breezy, slippery, and hydration with ease. Not only great with detangling, but it moisturizes the heck out of my hair. I use this product to Co-wash, because I don’t use gels or hair creams, I really don’t have a lot of build-up. One pump isn’t enough, I like to coat the entire hair with this stuff, its thick and creamy. My hair retains water retention and drink this stuff in. Remember to focus on the old parts of the hair, the ends, it needs the most attention. I’m getting less breakage and split ends. Man, I’m so in love with this product, I can’t get enough.

manuka deep conditioner

This next product, the Holy Grail of my hair care. It does what it says, Intensive Hydration for an excellent hair masque. My hair sings, “Hallelujah!”, every time I coat my hair with this stuff. Its creamy, a slight slippery, but thick feeling. When you put it in your hair, it feels very thick. I usually let it sit for 30mins to an hour or even overnight, gracious me, its the BOMB! (Do we use that slang anymore?) Thank you Shea Moisture for this product. My hair survived the weird 4 seasons we experienced these past couple of months. My curls return to its bounce, fullness, and moisture it deserves. I couldn’t be more happier.

leave-in milk

Now this couldn’t have been more perfect. This seals the deal of my complete wash system. The diamond in the rough, I mean the intensive hydration seals my hair shut from dryness. I felt like this line was specifically design for me, only! I’m obsess with this leave-in milk cream. Its creamy, not runny. LOL, actually its very thick, requires lots of muscles to squeeze the product out of the bottle. Trust me when I say, your hair needs this particular product for tight, coily hair.  Essentially, any curly hair types. Your hair won’t feel weight down, sticky, or oily. I’m so glad they added this to the collection.

Honestly, I encourage all of you to purchase these products. I’ve tried the shampoo and its great to get the squeaky clean feeling. I’ve realized now, it really strips and dries my hair. My hair doesn’t respond well throughout the entire wash process when I use shampoo. I’ve decided to avoid shampoos for now, but this decision can change in the future.

Listen to your hair (feel how it responds), you’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

What are some of your go-to products for wash day? {Comment Below} 


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