More than just coffee…

Tomorrow is the big day, Meghan & Harry’s royal wedding. Whose just as excited as I am?Lol! If you’re like me and millions of others, we’ll be glued to television or social media to witness a spectacular, beautiful wedding from the royal family of England. Yes, I’ve been following along on this enchanted love story.. Then again, I have a soft spot for romance and princes. Who doesn’t dream of being a princess? 

princess jasmine

I’ve always wanted to be princess Jasmine!  Who wouldn’t want to carry the title of princess and marry their prince, to live in a palace, and be admire by the world as someone of royalty. Ah, a girls fairytale come true. Love is in the Air!

But did you know we are already crowned with royalty.

I love this comment I found:


God has crowned, us, not only as princesses and prince, we are Kings and Queens. God has marked you when you were formed in your mothers womb. Your birthright is Royal Heirs to the kingdom of God, as it is in Heaven, it shall be brought forth to thee earth. Just as we rejoice over this royal event. The main event for you is still too come. Don’t undermine who you are because you lack the title the world gives. No you are beyond those things. For God made you to walk this earth with your partner. Your soulmate is destined to meet you. It’s not by man only who will bring the blessing. No but by our creator, our Heavenly Father wants to give you the riches he possess.


Don’t forget who you belong too? He’s not forgotten you. He’s not looking at your title, he’s looking at the flesh of his flesh. Whom the son has set freed. Share your royal heritage with your other siblings in the world. Their riches are awaiting them. All they have to do is live God in return.

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3 thoughts on “More than just coffee…

  1. Amen!!!! That is soo beautiful!!! 💖💖💖 I wasnt planning on watching, ok maybe catch a little bit lol. I just love Prince Harry & Meghan is just perfect for him. Theyre such a great couple. ❤❤❤💖💖💖 We are royalty… amazing thought!!!

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