More Than Just Coffee…

Beautiful day, I’ve made some fresh lemonade with cucumbers. Here, we can sit on this blanket overlooking the lake. What a serene atmosphere….

As the excitement of the royal wedding seems to calm down. I’d like to do a recap of the lesson I’ve learn from this beautiful Union.

God can do the impossible.

*It’s worth a second repeat:


God can do the immeasurable, exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond our own expectations. The Bible highlights many of the miracle working power God possesses. Even when his people faced hardship, near death, temptation, fear, disobedience, and pain; God not only restore what was stolen, he went above what they originally had. God brought them out to an entirely new level. Promotion they never thought was possible. God has no boundaries, nor any limitations.

Literally, God has the capability to break the mold and forge a new creation.

As the world witness the union of Harry and Meghan, we should look beyond just the first layer of the marriage. This union offset the norms of royal tradition (a ripple started by Princess Diana), an array of diversity, from the people, music, to the cultural. This one specific moment elevated the evolution of the world, beyond historical boundaries. Two people united on the bases of love, not by race, class, religion, or their past. I do believe Gods hand anointed these two people for a purpose. I for one can’t wait to see what they bring to the world. What incredible role models? Among those whom come before and after them.

Of course, this is not without backlash. But God does say we do face opposition when we set out to complete his work. The enemy doesn’t want us to honor God. These exact storms came in the wake of their relationship. They still persevere, regardless of what people have said or even thought.

As the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

These trials drew Harry & Meghan to face a pivotal moment in their relationship. Could they fight for their love, when the world would go against them? They faced many racial commentary, disapproval and lack of support, media frenzy, paparazzi, defamatory, etc. Hatred veered it’s ugly head in the awake of their relationship. And yet, here they are a week into newlywed, still much in love. It’s a choice they made, based on the character of their heart. Love will set you free.

Loyalty to their hearts!


Happily thereafter!

Did any of you watch Meghan & Harry’s wedding?

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