More than just coffee….

More Than Just Coffee

Oh, its beautiful today…Let’s sit outside! Here I made this amazing raspberry tea…MMmm! Look at this view, isn’t it gorgeous?

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Recently, I read a great post from the beautiful and encouraging blogger BeautyBeyondBones, go check her out! The gist of the post touch on how chivalry and romance is dying due to dating apps. I wanted to bring the discussion here to my readers, so you can weigh in on this topic.

First, I like to say I am single, yes Single. Ok, we got that out the way, lol! Secondly, I’d like to weight in on the topic of dating apps. As a “newly single” gal, (not much for labels), I don’t feel a desire or curiosity to use dating apps. It devalues the principles of meaningful conversations The nature of face to face contact and reading body language, holds significance. I know I can learn a lot from reading someones body language, especially when someone is lying (great talent of mines).

If every conversation consist of text messages, its really aggravating and less innovation on your part. While I’m bent over my phone, I could be missing out on destiny to meet my soulmate. As we know text messages can be both misleading and misrepresented. It’s become a huge distraction. First impressions is important, I give people a benefit to be their true self.  It takes great confidence and guts to make the first impression. Small talk can be difficult for many, I still struggle. (Moving from being an introvert to now a extrovert, sometimes my friends say I talk too much. Im working on balance, but I digress).

Date night, put the phone away. Seriously, I see people in restaurants on their phones, no interaction whatsoever. Geez! Or I’ll see one-sided conversation taking place and the recipient is far deep in their phones. Oblivious to what the person is saying, famous response is, “Ok, Yea, I hear you.” Here’s a fact: communication requires 2 way conversing. What a waste of a date?

I do believe in being courted. I’m unapologetic when I say, “People have lower their standards significantly.” I can’t emphasize this enough, I believe in being treated like a women, it doesn’t mean I am weak, unable to carry my own, or am like a delicate flower. Nah! It is one of my character traits, however I appreciate a man opening doors, chairs, carrying items, buying flowers, writing little notes, giving complements, being my protector, etc. In this new generation, chivalry may be somewhat fading, but there are many who honor those traditions. Sometimes women, let men be strong; while men can let women be strong. There needs to be a balance, a rhythm.

We are so glued to the cellphones, we miss out on the beauty of unexpected chances of meeting someone new. Truthfully, I’m one who believe in soulmates. Yes! I’m a firm believer in God, and he has the ability to bring the right person across my path. I believe in destiny and fulfilling Gods purpose.

With all the dating apps, it makes it easier to lose out on the beauty of the world, meeting people, and easy access to becoming promiscuous. Swipe left or right, sounds more like a buffet, any choice of women and men to select from.

Warning: There are married men and women on those apps (even on Christian mingle), who pretend to be single. I’m not crossing into treacherous waters to ruin anyones relationship.  

Prov_31-30_Chalk_Floral_WebI want to learn about you, your goals, your world views, your hobbies,, accomplishments, your kind acts, etc. There’s more to you then FOMO.  Wow, to have a deep, heartfelt conversation with actual substance.  Of course, church would be the best place to start. We all know mommy would be proud if we found a husband there. I’ve gotten to know God more, and its all on his time, when and where I’ll bump into my husband (Boaz). The directive come from God. I’ve given him the reins to make the divine connection. I’m open to meeting people. It’s not by my will, but by Gods will. It’s what we call Faith.

Too Be Continued…..signature

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10 thoughts on “More than just coffee….

  1. That was so beautiful! I kind of feel the same way. Dating these days is just so hard and difficult because of social media and dating apps. You can read a bit of it here, if you want 🙂 In terms of soulmate… I want to believe that there is someone out there, that I can fully relate to or a better half linked by ‘fate’. Not even in a romantic way but just SOMEONE. Then again, because of social media and/or dating apps, it just seems away to hard.

    All the love,

    Miiesche ♡

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    1. I agree, it can be difficult. But I’ve witness how God can move the impossible from our path and make destiny happen. Many people say that dating is hard now, because of fear or the enemy is using that as ammunition against us to keep us in fear. I put my trust in God. I fall into the trap of fear, but I’ve been through a lot from relationships and my way never worked. I know God’s way WILL work!


  2. Amen!!! Great post!! Im single too, yes I do belie e God will prove that person bc Hes my provider! He provides everything else, so of course He will provide this! All in His timing! 🙂 I dont think chivalry is dead, but women who use dating sites & apps get real bitter really quick. Men on there are just creepy! Most are just looking to get laid. Women must be incredibly careful. Ive kniwn women who met men on there who did awful things. I dont do dating apps!!

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  3. It is so much better to hold out for someone that is a gentleman + someone who wants to be romantic + someone that has no expectations other than to make you happy. I was single for a really long time because I was raising a daughter alone. So I’m here to tell you + even at 50 (can’t believe I typed that one) that there is someone for you + and God is clearing that path. — Wye

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