More than just coffee…

More Than Just Coffee

Now that it is getting warmer outside, I’ll have a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks without whip cream. Order what you like, my treat!

The joys of being a women.

“Gorgeous, Sexy, Beautiful.” Not without a price to pay!

Sometimes, it necessary to experience certain pain to achieve the desired look. Putting on spanks, shaving, plucking, etc. At times not the most exciting appointment to make, but better than a dental appointment.

I’m talking about waxing.

Yes, ladies, the painful joy of achieving smooth to the touch skin, but hurts like HECK in the process. Now it all depends on the level of which you can tolerate pain. Indeed waxing is a gift, but punishment at the same time, 😫. I love the way my skin feels when the hair is finally removed. Who doesn’t love the joy of wearing shorts, spaghetti straps, dresses, skirts, or halter tops. It’s like FREEDOM!

Although, hey if you enjoy being natural, embrace the body hair, by all means do you boo! I know what I like for me. Everyone is different in that way.

But don’t get it confused, that I’m doing it to appease the critics or men. I like to look good and feel good for MYSELF! I really don’t seek attention to fill my ego, pride, or self-esteem. God has helped balance my mindset and image.  I love my body and its capabilities, (still learning more as I read more of the Word). But God said, he’s given this body to us, so that we must honor him by taking care of the body. Although, waxing isn’t biblical, but God hasn’t disagree with me about doing it.

What do you think, God? 

Many years prior, if anyone asked if I wanted to try waxing. I would run away! Having a stranger wax my body, in the unmentionable areas, the thought scared me.  My tolerance to pain is pretty manageable. Many waxers would share stories of women who screamed like crazy, even jumping off the table. LOL! Not every women can stomach it or even pay for the services. (It isn’t cheap men, would be a nice gift to girlfriend or spouse, once in a while).

Beauty is always evolving, but can we choose cheaper, good quality methods. We, women would like a break for our pockets and body. I’m just ranting to bring in some humor.

What are your thoughts about waxing? Have you tried laser hair removal? share your experience below! 




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