Knock, knock, May I come in?


Good morning,

Are you preventing God from entering your home (where the heart lies)?  In the silence, you’ll here a small voice “I am here”.  But we allow the enemy to distort the connection from God. You’re starving the spirit, allowing the poison from the enemy to seep in. Why do you think we stumble over and over again? We’re always thirsty, hungry, never feeling satisfied. We’re seeking the next temporary fix. While the whole time, God is knocking, but failing to unclog your ears to listen.

God won’t step into your life by force. He steps aside until you’re ready to give him AUTHORIZATION.

What is that?

Like so many I didn’t know anything about God. He was just a word people said interchangeably. You’ve structured barricades to keep the light from you. God doesn’t have difficulty finding you and bringing you out of the sinkhole. Stop building walls to keep God out and the enemy in. You’re setting yourself a trap, which you may not be able to get out of, but God knows how to break it. Invite God in.

God does not violate the boundaries you’ve set. He knows it would be seen as an attack, cause injuries to the heart and create resentment against him. God wants to show you his love, without using force. As we should know God created free will. He waits, knocks, and waits until you invite him in. But you let fear stop you.

We are so afraid to reveal our sins, hurts, pains, shame, and destruction. Strangely, the world views God as this vengeful God, condemning all to a life of pain and misery. It’s quite the opposite. God is not in the business of punishing you, he just steps aside and waits for you to seek him. God stands at the door and knock, take a leap of faith, unlock the door to your heart. His love is unconditional, no matter what his children have done. But do we dare trust the unknown. What do you have to really lose?

Look at it in this way, you’ve been steering the wheel. Hitting roadblocks at every turn and losing your sense of direction. Trying to combat the enemies attacks, the world, and yourself. How’s that been working out for you? If you’re like me, tired, disappointed, stumbling along in your journey, losing yourself. Then give God a chance. Give God permission to enter.

Open the door, let the King in and give you the inheritance he has waiting for you.

Here I am


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