Happy Fri-YAY!

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Here’s another round of goals, but I wanted to take a different approach. As we reach the halfway mark of 2018, I wanted to check in and see how far along I’ve come in my “resolutions”/intentions for the year. I may have hit some roadblocks along the way. Astonishingly, I was able to create new habits.


Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve joined a gym.


OMG! Right, I didn’t think it would happen, but it did!

A good friend of mine, gave me a 2 week free pass to the gym she attends, so I took advantage. Little did I know I would actually like it. I believe the Holy Spirit lead me into it. At the end of March, I signed up for a membership and never miss a day to workout. Unfortunately, I was a bit too intense and had to take a break in May. A slight knee injury occurred. (Hit the gym way to hard, minor injury). My doctor advise me to stay away from the gym for a month to heal. I was hurt, but health is important, so I had to make time to heal. As soon as June came around, I jumped right back into exercising, but with ease, of course, lol. I actually enjoy going to the gym. Strangely, prior years, I would always have an excuse to not attend, fear of going alone, or lost interest. I know God placed the anointing on me to return and give it another try, because I have this zeal to commit fully this time around.

Praying_Emoji_grande Yes, God, come through!


I’m not looking for the next diet fab. I don’t want a quick diet, lose weight, and then gain it back. Those are crash diets and it never last. I do believe it can confuse the body and its ability to function properly. I took the liberate to incorporate more healthy food selections, you know diligently watching what I eat. I’m still committed to not drinking any alcohol. Honestly, I don’t even feel the urge to have it. Plus, I have been eating more fruits and vegetables, making sure to have protein and some carbs (not a lot). I do take my recommended vitamins and drink lots of water. I feel better then I have ever felt. I’ve gain more energy, less stress, and more clarity because of exercising and healthy eating lifestyle. I’m by no means a perfection at this. I am still learning proper ways to make my body work properly, but I try to be conscious of my decisions. If I fall, well God gives me the grace to get up and try again.  Again, this is what works for me and what I have discussed with my physician. Always check with a professional before changing your diet.


I have read and completed 6 books so far,

Lol, wait this is funny. I literally read only 6 books, so I didn’t reach my goal of reading 2 books a month. lol! Oh well, at least I am reading, in fact 2 of the books I plan to reread, because I need to refuel my spirit. I am currently reading a book, its taking time, because it is exactly what I need for the season I am currently experiencing. I will share in my next book post. I do plan to read more, I need to plan a specific day to read without any interruptions. When I don’t spend this time with a good book, I feel my mind is clouded. Reading a good book helps me to quiet the world and enter into another reality. I can be at peace, relax, and center my thoughts on one thing.


I spoke briefly about this. I came into 2018 with new friends and some God decided to remove. I have chosen to expand myself, by not living closed in or with my walls up. I can be bit of a introvert, excessively. Good and bad at times. I’m learning to be more of an extrovert. I discover I do enjoy meeting new people, but I need to feel comfortable. I tend to shy away from talking to new people for the rest time. I start to feel awkward. I’m still working on small talk, it can be a challenge at times. Texting I’m good with small talk, but in person, I tend to trip over my words and lose focus. At this point, I just want to run and hide, but I stick it out and remind myself you have Gods approval, not people. Luckily, God created in me the ability to face challenges, even if I am scared. I’m always trying to appear cool, but deep down I am nervous. I just get through it the best way I can, but I learn a lot from the experience. And I’ve meet some great people, a strong connection to one, but I’m leaving that up too God.


I look forward to each day, a gift in itself. Immediately when I wake up, I give God the glory. I promise to keep our appointment each morning, just God and I with heart to heart talks. Being completely honest and open. We talk just about anything, any concerns, fears, joys, anything I have burning on my heart, before my feet touches the floor. God enjoys how I open myself up to him, his hugs are even better! It helps me prepare for what life decides to throw at me (primarily the enemy, yea I see you). I cannot do this journey alone without God. I invite him in every specific aspect of my life, he is my Comforter, Defender and Protection detail (no black suit or ear piece needed, he’s cloak is omnipresent) ☺️. I just love getting to know him.

Wow, I did better than I thought. Its still a work in progress. I’m confident by the end of the year, I’ll hit more milestones. I may even impress myself, lol! Never give up, you can reach your goals. There’s no specific way to attain them. Dive in and give it a try. Don’t quit when it gets tough. Try pushing through your limitations and discover who you are in a different way. Seriously, I believe you will impress yourself.

The reflection you see in the mirror is victory, you just need windex.


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