Cast your fear into fire

There’s something different happening in your life. I know. As we feel God begin to open his love more inside us. We begin to see the blessings pour out over us. What is the enemies battle strategy? Place fear on your mind and heart. Remember God isn’t the only one whose seen your past. The enemy loves to remind you of the failures, mistakes, and wrong choices we made. If given even the slightest opening, the enemy words seep into attack you with, “What makes you think you deserve this gift? What makes you think you deserve Gods love?”

Today, I woke up with my mind bombarded by thoughts of insecurity, shame, and fear. A small opening of doubt cross my mind, gave the enemy a chance to feed in feelings of unworthiness and shame as a daughter of God. Questioning who I am and where my purpose lies. I start to do comparison. It caused me to lose focus. Confusion flood my mind.

But why?

Because the enemy sees the heart, guarded by God and seeks to break the connection.

Which means…..

Oh yes, a blessing is coming very soon. I know it because deep down, peace is festering like never before. I know God is still in there. Plus, the greatest weapon against the enemy lies is the bible. I have it within reach, 24/7. The enemy is play over the recording of the painful past. I have to admit it is frightening and can feel lonely, but My GOD is so much bigger than the enemy.

God spoke a great scripture over me:

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again–my Savior and my God! -Psalm 42:5

Jesus says it best, “Get behind me satan”! I stand, planted firmly in the word of God. I am not alone in this fight against the enemy. You are a liar! Gods word is truth and brings no fear. Why would I believe someone who has no idea about faith? God, is my Father, Abba, he never lets me down. He knows I am capable of handling the blessings he has cast down on me. The real person who is in fear, is you, the enemy.

Just as we can walk into fear, when can walk right out with the word of God. Pick up the weapon, we come against the enemy with the spirit and Gods promises. Use it, armor up. You are more than a conqueror.

Get rid of the fears, surrender them to God.

Cast them into the fire.

not discouraged


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