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I promise you, I will catch up with my reading goals before the year is over. I am enjoying the summer more than I expected. However, I am currently squeezing the time in for 2 new books. One book in particular, I’d God kept dragging me to it.  I couldn’t ignore it any further. It is taking longer than expected to finish. I’m taking a great deal of time to dissect the information. I’ll explain below!

Come to think of it, I’ve been reading a lot of “self-help” books. This point in my life, I’ve entered into new experiences (challenging, of course). I’m in the depth of my spiritual walk. The books I choose would be no exception, but I had to return to one of my favorite writers. Yes, I was excited to have the time to read a book by one of my favorite authors.

Book Treats:

IMG_1396 I love yogurt, especially greek yogurt!

Snack: Fage Crossovers.

Flavor: Coconut blended Greek strained yogurt with dark chocolate droplets. This flavor is one of the best, thus far! If I have a craving for chocolate this is just the ticket. I was shocked, because I’ve disliked anything with coconut, but this change my tastebuds. They are totally satisfied. Please, give it a try!

Of course, I love bananas. In fact, I need to return to homemade smoothies, haven’t done those in a while. Both are great source of protein, perfect to fuel the body before and after a workout.

IMG_1402Boundaries by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

Many of you may have seen this in the bookstore.  A must read for everyone. Please pick it up, you wont be disappointed. We don’t know how vital boundaries are to our lives. This is an area we struggle to grasp, I know I do. Honestly, I didn’t know what it meant. We don’t see the purpose to establish boundaries, healthy boundaries. Learn to filter the good in and the bad out. What happens when we surrender to the wrong things and resist the good things? How many of us suffer from saying “Yes” or “No” in the right context? For example, you may say Yes when you really mean No and vice versa. Especially Christians, we surrender to everything for the greater good. But did you know God accepts us when we say No. Here’s what I learned, God sometimes requires us to say No. God knows how to say Yes and No to his children, without hesitation. Many of us struggle in this area.  There’s power in these two words, we need to pray for discernment and wisdom. We don’t want to become passive, displace emotions, or build resentment. Stop burying ourselves under the weight of other people’s burdens.

This book outlines what causes us to react in certain ways, why we react, and how we experience the same ripple affects. The book uses biblical principles to support why we need to create boundaries, which God has created. We fall short due to the past or misguided views about faith. If we are unaware of Gods expectations and boundaries within his kingdom, how can we expect to live an abundant life.

Please I advise you to pick up this book. Does provide clinical terms, along with scriptures to support. It contains great information to explain why you haven’t lived the best version of yourself. You’ve been infested with so much negativity, its hard to breathe. What do you have to lose?  You can learn to pay attention to specific cues in your life which spark certain behaviors. Then you’ll be able to build gates instead of walls to filter everything. Create a balance lifestyle. One step at a time.

IMG_1401The People vs. Alex Cross by James Patterson 

YAY! I’m so glad I return to this next author. I have missed him terribly.

(In fact, I purchase another, look out for it in the next post)

This author spark my interest into murder and mysteries. He has a huge collection of different series. Each series has its own identity. Of course, I read this book in 3 days, Easy! I couldn’t put it down. This last book, it felt right at home. I curled up with a blanket, with a snack and my eyes were glue to each word, each page. LOL (dramatic, I know!) I couldn’t get enough. This book was not only about mystery, but loads of humor. I couldn’t stop laughing, out loud! His writing has change considerably.

He is one of my favorite literary role models. I’d love to meet him, talk to him, and pick his brain with endless questions for him.

I love Alex Cross series, his intelligence is unbelievable, very attractive.  Although he does also attract murderers, more like they obsess over him. He eludes security, thrill, and humility all in one. He has great partners and knows a lot of people. His wife is no exception! Rather, funny how James Patterson develop the dynamic relationship. He never gives up on a case, even when the odds are dangerous and stacked against him.

In this case, Alex Cross has been scrutinized by his ability to abide by the law. He’s accused of killing suspects without reasonable clause. The evidence seem to go against his recollection of the events. Now, the city wants to pin him as a corrupt Police officer.

How will he get out of this situation?

Be careful, pay close attention to the storyline. Especially, if you’re like me and try to solve the case before the end of the story. In this case, I wasn’t prepare for the twist of events. LOL! Good one Patterson!  At least with the Alex Cross series, I’m never disappointed or bored.

Be aware: James Patterson has written many different collections. Does give you something to occupy your time. I still haven’t made a dent in the Alex Cross series. Each time I try to read one of the older text, he releases a new one. I love you James Patterson, the devoted fans cannot get enough. Thank You!

Please do give these two books a try. Reading is a great way to escape the pressures of life. Expand, explore, and excite your imagination!


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20 thoughts on “Books & Munchies

  1. James Patterson is such an oldie but a goodie – I appreciate his character development, though he writes a lot of different series, the characters always feel different. Not a huge fan of coconut either but I’d give that flavour a whirl, sounds lovely.

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    1. Right, that’s what I see! He’s a great writer, very versatile! This yogurt is amazing! This curves my chocolate cravings. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post.


      1. Exactly! Just a great storyteller 🙂

        Meh, not the best but not the worst…? I am slowly getting into my own routine and it’s been OK. Just one day at a time, thanks for thinking of me ❤

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    1. Yes I am enjoying the book Boundaries. Yes he played the character from one of the titles books. Personally, I like Tyler Perry, but he didn’t do a good job playing the character. Morgan Freeman was the perfect Alex Cross.

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