Be the Conqueror 💪🏼

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The spirit is moving me to continue on the idea of courage. I’ve been facing some challenges and fighting harder against my fears. As the blessings are coming my way, the enemy is whispering to me “Do you think you’re worthy of these gifts? You are worthless!”

I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Get behind me Satan.

I’d like to say, these encouragements I write are only for you, when it fact they are a reminder for myself. Dig deep into the word, where strength lies.

How do we conqueror our fears?

There is only one who can triumph over fear. You!

Who me?

Of course, you! Rather, it’s not about who, its more like, HOW? You are the only one who can face those fears. Stop hiding from it. There is no shame in feeling afraid, its an emotion we humans experience. Even the ones you look up to or admire from afar, have fears. We are an imperfect race, emotionally challenged. The difference lies in how we handle our fears. Do we put into action ways to fend off the fears or do we settle in the shadows, under a pile of fears?

Ask God for help. Choose to the role of a conqueror. No more running away, go towards the fear, face it! David in the bible, conqueror not just one giant, but many (those who oppose his purpose in becoming a ruler and warrior). Stand against the enemy, look fear and the enemy in the face “I am covered under the protection of God, Jesus defeated you and so will I”.

Why do you give your power away to the enemy? We give the enemy access to our fears, we surrender the control to him. The enemy cannot gain our power, unless we hand it over to him. When we give up on God, we give up on ourselves. Not only are we fill with fear, now we are lost. A sheep stray away from the Shepherd (Jesus). We have to find our way back to God, he is the only way to defeat the enemy. Run back to God, there you will find the power to destroy the enemy.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. -Psalm 34:4

Don’t give your power away. Take what was meant for your harm and use it to your advantage.

Triumph over your fears.

We are the heirs to the kingdom of God.

We are created in his image.

We are spiritual warriors.

We are his Children.

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You are more than a conqueror! 

Meditate on this everyday. Move your thoughts in the right direction. Look fear in the face, “I am more than a conqueror!” Keep saying it, keep believing it. Faith moves mountains, imagine what you can do with the power God has given you. You possess more than you know.

Take up your armor, face those giants!


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