July Beauty Picks

July beauty Picks

A couple years back, I had no clue about makeup, skincare, or even haircare, for that matter. I never really cared much for it. Mainly, because I didn’t know anything about its application. (I was in the awkward stage of my life, where I didn’t feel pretty, 😔we’ve all been there).  I remember a time, when a coworker experimented on me, 😆! I didn’t know what she was doing. She did a great job, too. Did I learn anything from the experience? 🤔 Not at the time. Fast forward to now, I’d say, makeup should enhance your natural beauty.

Invest the time learning to take care of your body and skin. I prefer to enhance my natural look, instead of covering it up (you know like pile on tons of makeup). In fact, strength and confidence brings out the best part of beauty, in my opinion.

What are your thoughts about makeup?  Comment below!

I take great care in choosing specific products. I mentioned in my other post, about my sensitive skin. Achieving clear skin was a challenge. There is some exceptions to the products and tools I use. My decision to purchase anything related to beauty is determined by price. You can find products cheap or expensive. I thoroughly research many brands for the best prices. Check the reviews, they help! Once in a while, its ok to treat yourself! I’m not like frugal franny. 🤨😂

Here are some of my favorite makeup brushes I currently use. My face has never looked flawless. (Well when I’m not in a rush! 😆)


foundation brush

Smoothing face foundation brush

OMG, I am obsess with this brush.  Again, I am still learning the trade of application. I’m by far no expert, but I know what works for my face. The right brush will have your skin looking flawless.

From the picture you’ll notice there are 2 types of synthetic fibers. The shorter brown fibers easily picks up the makeup and the longer ivory fibers creates a diffused effect. Both combinations work together to sweep the foundation onto the face for complete coverage. It helps to layer the product onto the skin without any visible lines. The fibers are soft and subtle to the touch. This application is dynamic! My previous brushes, never did such an incredible job. My friends would notice spots I missed, or clumped makeup under my eyes. UGH! I felt the fibers were to rough for my cheeks. But, this particular brush is very kind to my skin. (The type of makeup product you use, is another factor. Which I’ll cover in another post.) I’d say, this brush does a awesome job with application.

Price: $21.95

The price is worth it.

blush brush

Blooming Blush Brush

I wanted to try this one specifically. I found it beneficial to have this one in my arsenal. You’ll notice the shape, it covers the entire cheek area. One time, a makeup artist suggested, I highlight my high cheekbones. Plus, I have a dimple which I have a new found appreciation for. I like to it show off! ☺️ This was perfect to highlight the apples of my cheeks and my dimple. I tend to wear minimal blush, as my skin tone is light. The pigmentation is strong. (Personally, I don’t want to look like a clown, 😆!) This brush grabs the color, sweeps it over my cheeks, beutiflee. I love the look of rosy cheeks, its timeless and classic. Gives the illusion of a natural blush. So radiant!

It has a 360 design angled shape, to chisel the exact curve of the cheekbones. The domed tip diffuses, softens the edges, and flares the sides as it sweeps over the entire area. It precisely gives the appearance of a natural glow. Whoa! I notice it immediately. The fibers feel amazing to the touch. Make sure to lightly press the brush into the palette, because it picks up product easily.

Price: $19.29


concealer brush

Flawless Concealer Brush

I cannot get enough of this brush. Remember, the skin under your eye is sensitive and thin. You’ll want to tap concealer underneath the eye, lightly. This brush is similar to its soft fibers. There’s a technique to how I apply concealer.  I use this to sweep the product on and then lightly tap with my fingers. I feel it gives a clean and smooth finish. Has the appearance of an airbrush effect. The brush has a round shape to contour around the area easily. Can be use to highlight the bridge of the nose. More like accentuate your best features.

Price: $12.68


eyeshadow brush

Precision Blending brush

I prefer to use this brush (one on the right) to contour my nose to make it appear slimmer. Contouring enhances the specific features of the face, to create a cohesive look. I don’t necessarily use it to blend my eyeshadow*. But in truth, I believe brushes are very versatile. I mean I can’t be the only one who does this, right? I love the way it layers the contour colors along the sides of my nose. Creating a shadow effect, to slim the nose. Really, contour is a great artistic craft to polish the final look. Great way to slim the face in certain areas. Make sure to blend, you don’t want to see harsh lines. Doesn’t look good!

Price: $4.49

*I’m still learning how to apply eyeshadow. LOL, I told you I’m a beginner! 

I strongly believe the correct brush makes all the difference. Take time to choose the right brushes to apply makeup. It makes a huge difference.

Be careful, there are many!

So far these brushes have been apart of my makeup routine for quite some time. As I always say, this is subject to change. Beauty is evolution. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I’d only share what I use personally.

Beauty is made to be fun, not boring! Experiment!


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8 thoughts on “July Beauty Picks

  1. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with make-up…I love the way it looks, but hate the time that it takes to apply it correctly. I’ve studied on the university of YouTube (lol) because even though I’m older…make-up was a lot simpler when I was younger, so I had to re-learn a few tricks and tips, and then figure out what my best fit was. Now I just use a few staple products and I’m done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘University of youtube’ 😆 I love this! I agree makeup application has changed a lot. I have a few staple ones, but I’m always curious about trying other products. I always prefer the natural, subtle makeup look. Too be honest I don’t wear makeup everyday. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sigh…I do – but only on the weekdays…I started wearing it to hide the acne marks…I was just happy my skin was clearing up but self conscious (as some women are)…I felt like that’s all you could see…I

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We do think that way. We have to pray that mindset away. It’s wrong thinking. And at times filter what we see in this world, whose view on beauty is very tainted. You are beautiful! ☺️


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