Dear God

Sharing a piece of my journey with you, directly from the pages of my journal. Simple things turn into bigger gifts. Never forget these precious moments, they play a part in Gods grand design. This is how he Loves on us!

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Dear God,

Expect aggressively.

A friend just gave me these words. I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but you told me to write it down. Then I remember an encounter I had with you. It really open my eyes to the awesomeness of your power. It was in this simple act, I witness how a simple prayer, made an everlasting impression on my heart. There is truth to the saying, “God can work miracles, fast.”  I couldn’t believe it! But I should, since your famous lines are:


I setup a playdate to hang with my friends son, who I have not seen in months. His son and I connected since meeting him through my ex. From the time, I held him as a baby, Oh, he stole my heart. Since the playdate was set, I was more than excited. (I love children, could be why I became a preschool teacher). Then, a thought crossed my mind, I wanted to get him a cool gift. Looking at my bank account, I wasn’t so confident with the idea.

Immediately, I said a little prayer. Seem simple at the time, but I asked anyway.

“God, You are known by many names. Yet, one of those names is Provider. There’s power behind your name. As my Provider, I ask for you to make a way where it seems impossible. I do not have the funds to get him a gift, but I ask you to make it possible for me to get a gift. Beyond what I would give him. I know you like to do explosive blessings, so I’m putting my trust in you too make it happen.  Of course, in your timing.

Thank you God!”

Ha! I said it with confidence and let it go. I didn’t dwell on it much. It was a prayer I spoke to you once. In the back of mind I was thinking about it, but it would just go away. Somehow I had the confidence to know it’ll work itself out. Was that what you would call trust? I would say so.

Ok, so the day of the BBQ at the church for the volunteers. A great day, with food, meeting new faces, and catching up with old friends. Again, this thought never crossed my mind. I met up with my friend at the event, we were talking, and I notice her walking around a table. She explained they had a raffle for the gift baskets on the table. You can place tickets in the cups for the basket you wanted to win. They would called the ticket numbers before worship started.

I walked around, checked out the baskets, place tickets in the ones I thought were cool. Then one basket stood out. It was called the Superhero basket. This basket remind me of my friends son. Immediately, the prayer returned and I took it a step further. As I place the raffle ticket into the cup for the basket, I whispered another prayer to you:

“God, please Oh, please help me win this basket. I want to give this basket to my little friend Chris. I know he’ll love it, just as much. It has everything he enjoys. Please make a way for me to win the basket.”

Then, I dropped the ticket inside the cup, and walked away. Now, at the time I was praying over the ticket (I literally engulfed the ticket in hand and breathed the words over the ticket). My friend and her daughter were laughing while I was praying. But she prayed for me, too. We continued to enjoy the festivities and food, she shared with me about the job opportunity you opened for her, God. Amen for answering her prayer, God. You made a way for her to come out on top. We laughed and enjoy the day.

The time came for the raffle drawing of the baskets. I was actually calm, but irritated because we couldn’t hear the numbers. Honestly, I was a bit distracted by the people talking and the children running around. Then all of a sudden, it was like time froze. I literally heard them call the exact numbers on the receiving ticket I had. What do you know, it was the same basket I had asked you to give, God.

GOD! You did it! I mean you really made it happen! ‘Thank you’ was not enough words to describe how much you meant to me. I was excited, shocked, and in awe of how great you are too me.

I mean you really listened and swiftly perform the miracle. WHOA!

Even my friends were like, WOW! God is amazing! LOL! I couldn’t stop smiling.

GOD you were LIT that day! (I mean, well all the time, he’s LIT!) LOL!

My God, I just wanted to say Thank you so much for this simple act of blessing. This just move my spiritual perspective to an entirely different level. Whenever I have doubts, I need to be reminded of this act. You’ve shown me how you could do the impossible. Now wait until I witness what other blessings await for me. For all of us! I feel like a kid anticipating the next gift. God, my Father you have incredible things in store for me. Oh boy, am I so excited to see what happens next.


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Dear God

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this read! What a great reminder that God is concerned about EVERYTHING in our lives and we have not because we ask not. Oh the power of just asking! Loved this testimony! I’m glad to hear that you were able to bless Chris 💙 I’m sure he was thrilled! Thanks again for sharing!

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