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Hi all,

Happy Summer! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Weather has been so-so! But I do hope everyone is safe.

I wanted to come on to let everyone know whats been going on.

First, which is obvious, my blog. I’ve been working behind the scenes to make changes. I’ve been devoting more time, putting in more hours a day, and just writing. I want to bring more content, beyond what I normally post. I don’t want to stick within a bubble. I’m venturing deeper into my writing, foreign realms where I can be more transparent. Creativity takes courage, its evolution!

I’m working on content focus on beauty (skincare & haircare), books i’m reading, food (organic or indulgence of course), music (not only spiritual), health (mental & physical), in depth spirituality and introducing sides of myself through my writing (transparency). Honestly, if I didn’t commit the time to take care of myself, I would be in the same state of emptiness. Feelings of frustration, sadness, depression, anxiety, and confusion. All of which is the attack from the enemy.  I am reprogramming my mind and body daily to involve healthy habits. As I’ve always said, its not a diet, its a complete lifestyle change. We need to invest in that more! Start with you before working on others. How can we change to become the best version of ourselves? If I’m not well mentally and physically, how can I be expected to perform at my best and maintain focus. Time invested in self, reflects in the other roles we play.

I’m meeting some amazing people along this journey. You, the readers are definitely one of them. You always inspire and push me to develop my craft. In addition, I came across my muse. More like God brought them to me. This person awoke a side of my creativity I thought died. It laid dormant for years. It came out in overflow for sure! I’m excited to see what happens. God works miracles fast, people. I’d like to stay humble, open minded, patient, and allow the spirit to lead. Gods timing is the best timing.

I’m laughing more than I’ve ever done before. I feel lighter then ever before. Its about letting God lead my life. This time, I don’t have time for drama. I’m not running from my fears, I’m leaning towards trusting God deeper. If I stumble, God is there to pick me up, its his Grace that is sufficient within me. Am I free from my fears? No, I’m only human, I feel fear, but I will triumph over them, building my confidence. Do I make mistakes? All the time, no one is perfect. The opposition doesn’t stop coming, it builds my endurance. This time I have backup, not only with God, but he has me surrounded by angels (friends and family).

Never give up on yourself! Wherever you go, there you will always be. Learn to love you and evolve.

Its not about being perfect for everyone, just be perfect and happy for yourself. Those who see it, will be attracted to the real you, not what you pretend to be. You’ll also learn there are those who cheer for you, endure pain with you, and support you, while others see your failures as a victory for them. They are the ones you need to slowly create distance. You can give them a chance to change, but never let them drain your energy. You don’t want dead weight pulling you down. You want someone reaching a hand to pull you up to the next level. Pushing you too the next level, those are the real cheerleaders, real team players on your court. Never remain stagnant, be in constant motion (remember physics, its coming back to me now). We were never made to live as survivors, we were created to live exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond.

Its all about living Beutiflee, the rest, well it will all fall into place.

Time to go to work, Conqueror the world, leave a legacy, and share the knowledge with others!

be you

I’m opening this up for feedback. I do value your opinions, be kind.

What topics would you like for me to write about?

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

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