Dear God

Sharing a piece of my journey with you, directly from the pages of my journal. Simple things turn into bigger gifts. Never forget these precious moments, they play a part in Gods grand design. This is how He Loves on us!

simple things 3

Thank you for another great day. You make me see the beauty in everything. My heart was so full, I couldn’t contain the tears. I guess this is what Joy feels like. Thank you for the love you’ve shown me through this little boy. He stole my heart from the moment I held him as a baby. Out of all the chaos from my past, he was the greatest gift I received. You could say, we forged an imminent connection the moment he nestled in my arms.

I thought he wouldn’t recognize me, but he was so kind. (Or maybe it was because of the gift I gave him. At least that is what his dad says, I earned points with him, could be why he was so friendly.) I’d like to think differently. We played cars together, we talked. We opened the gift I gave him, superhero basket. I was so excited to hear him talk, it had been years since I’d last seen him. The moment he spoke, I was excited. 5 years old and we can have conversations, about cars, no less. 😆! He loves cars like his dad, who would have ever thought! We watched movies and made daddy irritated, because he wanted to watch the movie. My little pal and I were playing toys, blocking dad’s view of the t.v. 😆 !

After some time passed, I think he was finally settling down. My little pal wanted to cuddle with me, it was so sweet. I think dad was a little bit jealous, 😏! Just a little bit. Plus,Chris felt the need to rub my stomach. I sense you were telling him, my desire to become a mom is coming soon. (One of my prayers, but first I need you to send me Boaz.) In your timing all these things will come true. I know your presence was with me and pouring into the Father and son. When they seen me, they saw you God. I pray I left behind the light of your presence in the house and in their hearts. I felt you were there, but they need to open up and embrace your love. I mean the dad has knowledge of who you are. Now we’re going to help him put it in practicality.

God you are so good. I want to thank you for this moment I shared with not only the son, but the father, too. He’s a great father and a hard worker. I pray he sees that as much as we see it in him. Hopefully, through our friendship, I can show him the light of faith.

I felt bad when Chris didn’t want me to leave. He kept asking, “Where are you going?” He stood by the door waving. It almost made me cry. What an impact he had on me. And I look forward to our future experiences. The love you’ll pour onto him God, is going to overflow.

Best playdate ever!

Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. -Matthew 18:4

Children are more sensitive to Gods voice then we are. We must protect their innocence with the help of God.


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