What does faith mean?

beyond fear

“Sight is not faith and hearing is not faith, neither is feeling faith, but believing when we neither see, hear, nor feel is faith and everywhere the Bible tells us our salvation is to be by faith. Therefore we must believe before we feel, and often against our feelings, if we would honor God by our faith.” -Hannah Whitall Smith

We need to lean not on the temporal evidence, but on the secular. Press into the spiritual evidence to confirm the breakthrough. The world cannot give what God can give, immediately, suddenly, and absolutely. What cannot be done in the natural, God can do in the supernatural. This is why we must have hope. When we nurture and pray, the roots of Faith will grow deep. Deeper we grow, the stronger our connection to God is. We dig so deep, not even the enemy can penetrate. The Living Water is able to penetrate the soil, seep into the roots, bring life to our mustard seed and watch how we blossom. Without drinking the word of God, how can we reap the harvest? We plant the seeds, but we fail to nurture it, we just watch as it dies. Did you know when you pray, put God first, it deposits into our mustard seed, it grows a harvest. The more we pray, the more we grow in love with God. God values your love and sacrifice so much, He pours out the promises.

believing beyond silence

Choosing to fast sensitizes the spiritual senses. I need to reach a deeper connection with God. My roots need to grow deeper into the ground. Expand the mustard seed of Faith. This opposition is going to strengthen my trust muscles even more. There have been distractions in my life, preying on my insecurities and fears. I need God to reorganize my life. If I am going to step into the calling He has entrusted for me to fulfill, I have to elevate to a new level of Trust. Before, making any decisions, I need to make sure Gods hand is on it. If the anointing isn’t there, I don’t even want it. When God is not involved, it won’t last. Let me not trade His plans, for something familiar or settle into the same routines. Step up into Godfidence. Pray for authority in areas where I need a breakthrough.

Praying for promotion, finances, relationships, health, and a house. All of these things, we pray for God to give us, but how are we honoring God right where we are? God encourages us to change our mindset.  Our prayers should speak life into our current situations:

God help me to manage the money I have now, help me plan a budget and stick too it.  God, help me tithe in church even when I may not have enough, we know you will provide when we need it.
God, help me walk into work with thankfulness, kindness, and humility. Even though, I am in this position temporarily, show me how to maintain a professional posture at work.
God, help me avoid engaging in gossip or complaints against people and the job, by choosing to speak life to encourage others.
God, help me step into leadership even when my title or paycheck does not match the effort I put into completing the task.
God, help me arrive to work earlier then my expected time.
Rather than following the majority at work to neglect my responsibilities, God help me continue to work hard with a smile, knowing you will shift me to the next level, suddenly.
God, help me smile when the traffic is bad.
God, help me to serve others with the same love you’ve shown me.
God, help me put you first above my own pride and fears.
God, give me the strength and grace to walk away from relationships that may hinder me from reaching my destiny.
God, give me the strength to purge things from my life that block me from receiving my blessings.
God, give me grace to forgive others, meaning I surrender the hurt to you, because you are my vindicator.
God, help me honor you, by speaking life into my family and shining my light of Faith to get too know you more.
God, give me the strength, grace, and mercy to confess any area where I may be disobedient. Even at times, when I am not aware, bring it to light, confess, and repent.
God, teach me how to honor you with my body, eating healthy, fitness, and setting boundaries.
God, just grant me the strength to learn patience and not to get ahead of you in the changes I want to see happen. God, we know your timing is the best timing. When all the pieces come together, we see your presence more.

Change Me Lord, Change Me!

“Faithful doesn’t mean perfect, faithful means you get up and keep going” -John Gray

Faith can bring about a shift. God can push you into blessings far beyond our mind can fathom. This season meditate on “immediately, suddenly, & absolutely”.

Remember this: When God begins, no one can stop him!


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