Unlock the doors

Unlock doors

To unlock the identity of God, means to trust. Seeking His love, means to trust. Witnessing the effect He has on your life, means to trust. Finding your identity and purpose means to trust. Run towards God, not away. Unlock your secrets, means you trust God and yourself.

When you give God trust, He has access to the doors inside your heart. Hand over the key, unlock the walls surrounding your heart. Let God see into your fears, pain, shame, doubts, worries, and sins. Absolute confession, face the pain you’ve fought so hard to conceal. Time to let it spill out. Stop letting the enemy pull your strings.


Frightening isn’t it? Chilling. You’re loosing a grip on your coverups. Losing control. But it’s not too harm you, but too free you. Let in the light, pierce the shadows. You’ve been hiding in the shadows for far too long. The dark security blanket, you’ve known so well. It hurts to let it all go. The truth hurts. Change is hard. Time to confront what you desperately try to hide. Time to disable the past. You may have been the caterpillar, but did you ever knew you could fly like a butterfly. Spread your wings, soar to new heights.

Go ahead, take Gods hand, and your keys. Unlock the doors where pain awaits. Your hands are trembling. Unable to make the connection to the keyhole. Each time you step inside, the closer you reach salvation. Yes, do you sense it! There is a feeling of a presence surrounding you. Wait, Jesus is walking into the fiery furnace. Jesus knows what’s hidden behind each of those door. God has shown Him the truth and the way. God would never breach of your security with force. He wants you to willingly surrender your pain to Him, only with a receiving heart.

God has no interest in violating our boundaries so that He can relate to us. He understands that this would cause injuries of trust. It is our responsibility to open up to him in need and repentance. – Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend Boundaries 

God takes time and patience to unlock the hurt. Healing is a process. Through the process, God teaches you how to heal, forgive, and restore what the enemy bruised. Rebuild the foundations of HOPE. Construction takes time. You need special tools to build a strong tower. Only you have the capability to handle them.

Now, you realize the enemy built the doors to dismantled your relationship with God. The enemy hide your purpose. Warefare is the enemies playground. You can defeat the giants in your heart, just like David. You are made in the image of God, you can defeat the enemy. Your Faith is the armor and you are the weapon. Reclaim your identity in God. You are a fierce warrior, created by God.

The storms have begun to stir fiercely. You have the enemy right where you need him. The enemy fights harder and dirtier. Don’t you sense fear? Wait it is not radiating from you. Look, it’s coming from the enemy. Your faith drives the enemy into the depths of hell. God is in you, breathing fire in your heart, which burns the enemy. These flames of faith are unstoppable. You have Gods name on your heart.

Image by Bible.com

Victory is only the beginning!


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