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Funny story, I could remember a time where I didn’t wear nail polish, due to the fact….

I was a nail bitter.

nail biter

Yup, it was the worst habit ever. My mom was so annoyed. It only happens during stressful situations. I’d guess it was my nervous tick. Thankfully, I kicked the habit, permanently. In fact, I can enjoy wearing nail polish (occasionally going to the nail salon). Wearing bold colors, summer means brighter colors. I love to make a statement, my nails never looked happier!

I’ve been using these brands for quite some time. Very pleased by the results. Its so hard to maintain healthy nails. Summers are easier since I’m off from work. During the school year, washing my hands every minute, destroys my nails. They look brittle and dry, so fragile. I’m thinking of going back to gel manicures, but we’ll see. I’m not always confident about chemicals covering my nails. Checkout my favorites, below!

Sally Hansen 

Sally Hansen hard nails                                  Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthen

I strongly encourage you to pick this one up. I love this, because I really believe it has helped strengthen the growth of my nails. I’m so excited 🙌🏼, my nails are growing longer than ever before. I don’t have to worry about breakage. I’ve been using Sally Hansen for many years.  I specifically chose this one, for the very reason to keep them protected. The advanced formula maintains stronger, smoother nails with a beautiful shine.  I don’t know about you, but I get very frustrated when my nails break. My nails don’t look uniform. (I’m sort of a perfectionist with my nails).  This helps to protect them from all sort of conditions. Plus, this polish dries within second after applying it to the nails. Yes, this is perfect!

Benefits: Helps protect and strengthen your nails, filing in the ridges. Its Nylon formula fortifies fragile nails and prevents peeling, with natural Omega 3 and Soy to diminish the look of ridges. 

Mineral Fusion

mineral fusion cuticle treatment

Cuticle Treatment

This one I discovered from a youtuber. I wanted to take a chance on organic brands. I couldn’t be more pleased. My cuticles look healthier then ever before. When I go to the nail salon, I would allow them to cut my cuticles. After a couple of days, the skin would peel. They appear dry, cracked, and the skin would harden (yes not the best look). Then I decided to rub this on my cuticles. Not only did it stop the peeling, the skin grew back smoother, and soften my nails. My nails never looked more amazing then they do now. Proper cuticle care, gives your nails room to breathe and grow. Take care of your nail beds, they help to create space for nail to properly grow.

Benefits: contains Jojoba oil and Aloe to soften and protect cracked, dry cuticles. Cruelty free. 

mineral fusion coral reef polish

                 Nail Polish (originally Blaze, but now its called Coral Reef)

Its like a light pink-orange with a cream finish. Its a beautiful, vibrant color. This color is perfect for summer, fall, and spring. When you apply the color onto your nail, what a creamy consistency. Application is smooth with clean strokes. The brush applicator is thick to cover the entire nail. I love it! Truly it was worth every penny and I’ve had it for quite a while. Experiment with cool designs. There is an array of selections available. Check them out at Whole Foods.

Benefits: long-lasting, chip-resistant and flawless application due to the extra-thick brush. The brush covers more surface, with less strokes.

mineral fusion gel top coat                                                          Gel Top Goat

Oh boy, this just seals the deal. After you apply your preferred nail color (make sure its dried completely), finish the final look with this top coat. Its not just a clear coat, its a Gel. A protective top coat with an ultra-shiny finish, plus no UV light required. Win-win! At the nail salon, many of you know the process to get gel polish, where they use the UV light machine. The machine harden the polish over the nails. But NOW, this made my life even better. I can avoid the entire process at the nail salon. I can do it from the comfort of my home. Apply this gel coat, let it dry for a few minutes, and I’m done. Again, I repeat, no need for a UV light machine. This changes the nail game, completely.

Try it, you’ll love the results.

Benefits: Same as the others, expect long-lasting, chip-resistant, and flawless application due to the extra-thick brush. Takes 5 minutes to dry. 

I’m in love with my nails now. Took quite some time to get them to grow. Time, patience, and proper care brought them to its healthiest state. I can play around with some cool colors, endless possibilities. I prefer to keep them at a medium length. I don’t know how you gals keep the nails so long. I’m so clumsy, I would probably scratch or poke someone. LOL!

Give these brands a try. I only share what I use and know you’ll love them as well.


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