Happy Fri-YAH! (Five on Friday)

The weekend has arrived. Oh, Friday I’m glad we are able to reunite once more. My rest can begin, LOL!

Recently, I’ve returned to work and these past couple of days were awesome.  🙂

  1.  I hit my 1 year anniversary in August for the blog, HOORAY! image-2I didn’t really celebrate it because I was so caught up on other things, I just let it pass by.  I tend to always go out of my way to celebrate or encourage others, and do little nothing for myself. So, here it is, I made it! LOL! I’m proud of the way my Blog is evolving, (A friend called me versatile. Don’t want to be stuck in a box. I tend to get bored easily. LOL!) Plus, I’ve met some wonderful people through my passion. The best is yet to come.
  2. I want to thank everyone for liking my last three post for the month of August. It was so unexpected. I felt inspired to write poems or a simple short stories for the blog. I guess I caught the creative bug and felt like challenging myself. In fact, they were apart of a challenge from other blogs I follow. Nonetheless, I’m so happy with the response. More importantly, I enjoyed writing them. “Creativity takes Courage.” I will love to bring more flare to the blog.
  3. I return to my first job (Teacher). I miss my preschoolers. They’ve changed so much. (I have my current students from last year. Preparing them for Kindergarten.) The work is more extensive, I want to challenge them. I wasn’t expecting they would return with well of knowledge. It’s like overflow. They are talking more, forming complete sentences, writing is amazing, and comprehension has increase exponentially. Wow!  I can’t wait to see the rest of their development throughout the year. I have loads of things I want to do with them. Maybe I’m more excited then they are! LOL!
  4. I’m very focus on learning a 2nd language, Spanish. In fact, I have a preschooler who is bilingual, fluently. She has helped us (I have a Teacher Assistant) with another ELL (English Language Learner) student. My little translator is incredible! I’ve picked up some new words to “study”, (I’ve got homework, LOL!). I really want to be fluent by the end of the year. I’m pretty good with what I’ve been able to remember. I decided to keep a journal and I use an app to help. It’s one of my goals to master a 2nd language and I think it’ll make the parents feel very welcomed into the classroom.
  5. This weekend I am meeting with an old college Professor. She was my literature professor when I was working on my Bachelors. She always wanted me to pursue English, she enjoyed my writing and how I engage discussions. At the time, I didn’t know it was a gift or that I even possess talent. (Well fast-forward I’m using it now. Ah, God you’re amazing!) I learned much about Shakespeare from the classes she taught. What a great piece of literature! Read his Sonnets, incredible works of art. I can’t wait to catch up. We’ve faced lots of obstacles trying to schedule a meet up. We’re going to check out a bar, LOL! Honestly, it sounds weird have drinks with my professor. Keeping it modest, of course!

So these are the highlights of my week. Overall, I’ve had a great first week at work, celebrate my 1 year anniversary with the blog, and reuniting with a legendary Professor, (yes, legendary she earns the title in my book). I hope you enjoy it!

Have a bless weekend!




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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to nurture a life rooted in the scriptures and a quiet, gentler lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “Happy Fri-YAH! (Five on Friday)

  1. Congratulations on your blogging milestone, Tiffany! 🙌 And have fun accomplishing all that you set out to do! I believe in ya! Oh, btw… LOVE that bear!!! lol 😄

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