Just friends..

Can men and women

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Can men and women have a platonic friendship?

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41 thoughts on “Just friends..

  1. Yes ,absolutely .
    If both of them have no feelings other than being friends , then they can stay “Just Friends” Or I would say “Best Friends”.

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      1. If one of them is attracted to other one then it gets quite difficult for that person.
        If both are attracted to each other then it’s Awesome.

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  2. If they are unattached, then yes, they can. Why not? Now, If either were married to other people, it depends on their spouses. There’s a level of trust and maturity that has to be held. Some women can’t deal with their husband having female friends for dumb reasons or for traumatic reasons; men, the same, either way there needs to be trust and communication. As long as friends of either sex are introduced and there’s no threat of shadiness, then it’s fine. My husband had female friends before we got together, at first, I was a little taken aback, until I met them and seen they were truly just friends. I acquired male work friends, but my husband met them and they are now his friends too. In fact everywhere we go, people get us as a package deal.

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  3. There’s the secular then there’s the church…the answer may be different for both?

    I will answer from the body of Christ perspective. Unfortunately in many congregations singleness is treated like a problem, so singles are made to feel less than those who are in relationships or married. At a certain age people start to look for the one, and have that “list”. From my observations , many gals will put blokes ( whether the guy likes them or not) in the friend zone hard lol cause they 1. Don’t want to give wrong impression or they are on the look out for a dude who is compatible. I have also observed that Guys will continue to hang with the guys to be safe or find “comfort” outside the church which is often done in secret.

    Because many congregations don’t come along side and support singles in a healthy way, the answer is no. It may seem all nice and shiny on the surface but at the heart of it there is lots of hurt, anger, sin and silence.

    Oops you prob were not expecting an answer like this so I’m sorry/not sorry😎

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      1. Good question my dear. I think we know what to do but we just don’t do it lol. Time poor or we are way to busy. My church has been doing a series called “him and her” and last Sunday the sermon was on singleness. Before the sermon a single gal was interviewed and she said some pretty strong stuff and spotlighted how poorly the church is doing looking after singles.

        If we are a family then it’s time we act like one lol, singles need to be looked after and those in relationships and marriages need to be looked after. At the heart of it is love, the type Corinthians describes.

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      2. Tiff, just realised I maybe bring a bit harsh. That’s just my experience from
        Church in the last 19 years. Small corner of the world I am in. There are prob churches out there who look after and engage with their singles really well. We all have much to learn

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  4. There was a quote on college humor, “How can I get my boyfriend to stop being jealous of my male friend? Introduce your boyfriend to your friend’s wife or girlfriend.”

    I come from a military background where people become “friends” and in a moment of weakness, they hop into bed.

    So I say men and women can be friends but there have to be boundaries and expectations.

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    1. Oh you mean pingback, lol! Ah, search for Pingbacks in WordPress. It’s a special code you use in html format… lol! If I find the article I’ll send it too you. For now share the link to your post, I’d love to read it, 🙂


  5. I can only speak from personal experience, but you can be friends with the opposite sex, if there’s no romantic attachment involved. The minute that happens, things can become complicated if one does not feel the same way, or want to take it to that point. Of course, I think the best relationships are the ones that are built from strong friendships, so in a way, having a great friendship to start is a good thing. But that’s just my perspective. 🙂

    This is a really awesome question!

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      1. I haven’t had a relationship like that either. I’ve been friends with guys, but I always saw them like brothers, family. So there was no awkwardness about it. 🙂


      2. Hahaha!!! I’ve only had one friendship go bad with a guy and that’s because he tried to kiss me on my senior prom night. I was like, “Ahm… what are you doing? NO!” LOL! Things just got weird after that. 😆

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  6. I think its possible but not easy to maintain. Social standards and partners of your man friends can be very complicated to work around. I have a lot of good friends that are men, and its like the attraction switch is turned off, but people change every day. Sometimes its like playing Russian roulette with that switch. Will it always stay in a neutral position or will it be set off one day? Time will tell.

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