Dear God

Sharing a piece of my journey with you, directly from the pages of my journal. Simple things turn into bigger gifts. Never forget these precious moments, they play a part in Gods grand design. This is how He Loves on us!

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Yes, I’ve been gone for a week guys. I needed to take a moment to myself and clear my mind. Refreshment, if you will. LOL!

My passion to write, (I’m owning it, because God, You gave me the authority to claim this gift and talent You’ve placed on the inside of me), as a writer has continued to prosper. In fact, I never thought it would have a huge effect on others and myself. This is my way of encouraging others who feel no one sees or hear them. Along the way, I’ve met some amazing bloggers, talented beyond belief, and inspirational. What a great community I have walked into. My life has been experiencing a transformation.

Of course, I had to look up the actual definition, Webster Dictionary, no less:

an act, process, or instance of transforming 
 to change in character or condition 

The act, process, or instance of transforming. Its a process, by no means have I arrived at completion (or perfection, nor will I ever be). I am choosing to take the walk with You, God. There is no greater companion then being in the presence of your son Jesus. I could not see pass the limited mindset I was so adamant to contain. When I kept on a 360 route, going no where. But when You put your hand out to pull me out the ashes, I felt the power of Faith burn in my spirit. Why? Because I knew I needed to be transformed. It is with Your help and teachings, I stand before You a new person, a women who values her worth. I choose to let you reprogram my mind to move towards my potential.

No more complaints. No more will I focus on the problem. My God, You are much bigger then any problem. So much higher than any adversary. You have good plans for your children. I trust the heart of my Father, for the transaction is peace.

For many of the readers, it would be hard to see the transformation. The way I spell it out on these post, gives a slight glimpse into my journey. Thank you God for you have seen my past, present, and a future, draping me in new spiritual clothing. The weight of negativity has been lifted. I feel the change each time I study your word and let your voice whisper into my heart. I say, all this because God, in the beginning my prayers focus on requests, begging you to do more in my life. My heart heavy, because I felt I was not worthy to receive the gifts you wish to shower me. Then, You sent me a message,

“Will you Praise Me even when my answer is “Not Yet!” I know what you can handle. Sometimes, in order to protect you, I cannot reveal the blessing right away. It’s not ready. But I am also preparing you to receive it. Don’t fight it. Trust My timing.”

Whoa God, your love and protection holds the key. My flesh wants it now, but you know the right time to release it. Waiting doesn’t mean You’ve forgotten me. Patience doesn’t mean I get angry at You. Waiting means you’re preparing it, preparing me and putting all the pieces together. You’re not a God who gives half a blessing. It’s beautiful to hear You say, You  have your children under protection, under your wings…*holding back tears*. A great reminder of why I need to keep trusting you. God, you see me, no, like, really see me. You know where I am. I am at peace knowing you are handling it. You continue to give me the grace to wait patiently. Thank you!

My prayers shouldn’t always be about putting in my request, (at times it is ok). I need to thank you for all the times you saved me. I need to thank you for always bringing me provision. I need to thank you for the strength to move now. I need to thank you for waking me up to the light of Hope. Your love is the only thing filling my heart. I guess you could say is, I’ve arrived at contentment. Giving thanks for everyday I am to accomplish.  You know the desire in my heart. We’ve spoke many times about it. My words now are, “Thank You”. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for giving me a purpose. Thank you for giving me my identity. Thank you for the blessings I have now and for the ones to come. Thank You for loving all of me, even when I fall down. Thanks for extending your hands to lift me up. Thank you for giving me a compassionate heart towards others. Thank you for giving me the love to share with others. This time I will say, Thank You for being a Father who loves unconditionally.

Thank You God!

My pastor says, “Season your prayers with gratitude”.

What are you thankful for today?

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Thank you !


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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

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  1. G’day and thanks for sharing Tiff!

    A couple of things stand out – Transformation and trusting in his timing. Two things that are worth slowing down for. Enjoy the journey.

    Peace 2 you

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