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It has been a week since I last posted. I decided to take a week for myself. I felt I was losing my space to breathe and take in the life set before me. God has been shifting my life to new levels, (all exciting), but I wanted to take the time to appreciate it. Giving myself time to create a balance. I am not one to shy away from helping others and meeting new adventures each day, but I do need to give myself rest. My anxiety levels kind of elevated and I wanted to bring it back to a center. Life is getting interesting as I progress forward in Gods work, so this post here, God gave me the gift to hear it in my heart. Naturally, He told me to share it.

Eph. 2_10

I want to share the message from church yesterday. We had a special guest, who gave an amazing message of his journey with God. His message hit home for many of us. And I wanted to share what I learned.

Many do not know the power of God or purpose He serves in our lives. Many fight against accepting God into their lives, because they fear the unknown. God isn’t tangible, but spiritual. We do find it difficult to walk along those lines, when we cannot physically see it, from the perspective of the world. When we fall to our knees and scream out the Lord’s name, then and only then will the presence of God come over you. It cannot be explained or categories. You feel a light come over you, that had not been there before. It’s a scary light, because You have no knowledge of its comfort. It feels brighter and warm, against the coldness of the world. A feeling deep, deep, deep inside whispers, “I am here. I have always been here for you”. Yes, it is the Holy Spirit talking to you. Accept it! Embrace it! Don’t turn away from it! Feed into it! Let it burn!

You are with the presence of God. There is a void put there by God, because He is the only one who can fill it. The burning can only be comforted by God. You are is own workmanship, His signature is on your heart. You are deserving of His love, take it. Don’t be shy when God is leading you to greatness. Don’t lose sight of what God has for you, the opportunities given, only God could anoint to prosper. God opens doors which no man, no person, no woman, no circumstance can close, because God has the authority to keep it open for His glory. God can guide your steps, but it won’t be easy. Sometimes you will move in quicksand, a process which prepares us for each blessing God has in store. These quicksands test to see whether you will maintain faith in God even when your circumstances are bleak. God is never early or late, God is right on time. We have to wait for God, in doing so God teaches us patience. While we are patiently awaiting the blessings, we are working diligently towards the purpose and calling He’s placed on the inside of us. Are you using it? Or are you letting it remain inside, unused? God created you for a purpose, find out what it is.

God will not leave you alone until God is finished with His work in me. God is doing something for you, in you, and through you, to glorify His name. -Mariano Rivera

Everything God gives is good, because God is good. Everything He touches is good. If you believe in God, that we are made in His image, then we possess the same power. Everything we touch is going to be good, because we follow the anointing God has placed on us to honor His name. Glorify God in all that you do, every aspect of your life, from the time you wake up, honor God, picking out an outfit, the ability to brush your teeth, getting the ideas and inspiration to accomplish goals, until the time you lay your head down to rest at night, put God into every second of your day. Holy is His name when you give Him purpose in your life. You’ll find, God giving you strength, thoughts, and peace to tackle life without fear. It’s like the fear begins to erase.

People think they are better then God. That they don’t need anything from God. People believe with money and power in their possession, they don’t need God. You still need God. -Mariano Rivera

Even with the worldly possessions, within an instance it can all be taken away. What the world gives is only temporarily. What God gives is always permanent. Only God can sustain all that He gives. God gives to you, so you can return the same to others. Serve others and give them the blessings in return. We were made to serve others, to love them, respect them, fight for them, and speak the truth. We are accountable for others, if they choose not to receive the help, then just let God sort it out. We can’t make people do what we want them to do, all we can do is guide them, by living a life honoring God. If we don’t do what we’re supposed to do, to testify the love of God towards others, then we are not doing our job for the Lord. We do what we do, in honor of God. Glorify his name!

No matter what you’re going through, God wants to help you, give you, and love you. He is the essence of love. God wants to take you to a different level to be with him. God elevates you to bring you into a closer intimate relationship with Him. This relationship is what will sustain your life of joy, because happiness is only temporarily. Joy is placed inside of us, God has given, it can not be taken away. Jesus died to give you life and to save you and bring you closer to God. We have free will, God gives us free will and tools to tell us what is good and what is bad. You choose where you want to end up, not God. You choose to serve him or not, God gives the authority and power to obey Him by giving us free will to decide. Use the free will to choose God, and listen as God will cover your life. It’s not about religion, it’s about relationship, a relationship with God can overcome any challenge the enemy tries to throw at you. With the spirit of God living inside you, you will never be broken, when God is the one to sustain your life. God is the eternal life, come to him and drink, for you will never thirst again.

I’d like to close with this remark from Rivera. When He made this statement, it puts perspective on how valuable Jesus is in His life. He does not allow the fame and status to take him over Jesus or God. This statement makes it very clear, how much Rivera humbles before God. God has the only power and authority over his life. Because he shared this remark with a fan, to prove how much he value the bible and what it stands for. It may be just a book to many, but to a nation we know it is the will of God living in those pages, which speaks life into our existence.

A fan asked Rivera for an autograph on their Bible, Rivera gave this responses:

“I don’t sign Bibles, because I’m not Jesus. I save games, Jesus saves souls.” – Mariano Rivera

Take a moment to understand what he said. And note how in this precious moment, he glorified God and changed the persons perspective about the bible, with just a few words. He shown humility and to be a servant of God. What a great example!


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