October Obsessions

Hey beauties,

I’m so excited to share this post, right here! The best makeup foundations I’ve used to date. Makeup tends to last longer for me, I don’t wear it often. I’m a firm believer in giving your face a break to breathe and rehydrate. I make sure to switch up and refresh the looks to give versatility. Natural look is my stable, as so many of us beauty fanatics prefer to wear it nowadays. My philosophy is makeup should enhance your beautiful features. I don’t like to pile on tons of makeup. The health of my skin is vital, while age, health of lifestyle, and loads of sleep has an affect, too. I’ve learn to accept my flaws, because perfection is so boring. LOL!

Lets go play with makeup.

Cover Fx

Ok, so 2 years back, I was shopping for my usual makeup foundation. I tend to stay with what I’m accustom, too. As I was shopping, a representative at Sephora, introduced a new product called Cover Fx. It was supposed to bring me better coverage, especially when I take pictures. The selfie life is really, my friends are obsess. Anyway, she asked what type of skin I had, of course I have combination, mostly in T-zone areas. She explained this product would create the perfect coverage and control my oily skin.

Well, I decided to purchase and tried it. Here I am, 2 years later, with this product I love. The application is creamy and has impeccable coverage. I mean it glides on so smooth, I swear it doesn’t fill like I have any makeup on. The color matches perfectly to my skin tone. It comes in 40 shades, from light to deep, includes 3 different undertones; Pink (A rosy, cooler hue), Neutral (equal parts pink and golden hue), and Golden (a yellow, warmer hue). It contains ingredients such as Vitamin C, E, and it has a water base texture. The skin appears luminous, radiant, to create the perfect natural finish I desire. It is lightweight, which means you can build up from medium to full coverage. I always opt for a natural look, so one layer of foundation is enough for me.

I wear this foundation during the fall and winter seasons, as my tan tends to fade. I couldn’t wear it in the summer season, I looked like a zombie, because of the light (pink & golden hue) undertone. LOL!

Perfect product and my skin does not feel dry or dehydrated every time I use it. The water-base is perfect for my sensitive skin. I’m very pleased to have this product.

I have the N 60 shade.  


This has always been my go-to foundation, for many years now. When I first discovered, I liked makeup, it was my first product of choice. I refuse to part this relationship we share, lol. It has great benefits for my skin. It’s not uncommon, for women to experience challenges with their skin and this product seeks to target the problem areas, oily, dry, or combination. The formulation includes to absorb shine, controls oily skin, and resist sweat. I swear by this product in the summer seasons. And, I have to say, it does help control the shine on my face, due to sweat. This past summer was no exception, which gave some days where the application process made me sweat more. LOL!

It does not contain Parabens, but creates a matte finish, and provides medium coverage. This one is not water base, as the Cover Fx is, but it has slightly creamy texture. I’d say it’s a little more than lightweight, so be careful with coverage. I love the fact it covers my face to even the color tone.

I wear this shade throughout summer because of my tan. As for the winter, my skintone is a much lighter complexion, so it wouldn’t work. I would look like someone with a bad tan, in the winter. LOL! The beauty is knowing we all come in different shades, Gods great masterpiece!

I have the 20 Deep M-N shade 

Tarte: Rainforest of the Sea 

Oh, I love this brand to the extreme. They have such amazing products, which I’ll share more, later! Right now, I want to focus on the foundations. I came across this last year, and it was a great asset to my collection. It is vegan, hypoallergenic to combat the pollution effects on the skin, plus you can build up the foundation while you maintain a natural, flawless coverage.

Definitely, perfect, since it contains 15 SPF against the sun rays. Oh yes, sun is still effective even during the Fall and winter months. Don’t think you’ve escape it. Protection is needed in all seasons. It is a liquid foundation, (honestly all of my foundations are liquid. I’ve no desire to do powder, because I personally don’t fill the coverage is enough). It’s contains water to maintain skins natural moisture, has plant extracts to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (very true!), and contains Vitamin E. I can attest to the smooth application and glow it gives off, imminently.  I wanted to get this one in particular, because it was there new line and the model on the advertisement had an amazing glow, more like a fairy princess (perfect for Halloween). The first time I worn this, I received compliments immediately. They loved the natural glow I had. I was impress myself at the finish look.

Now, this one very special, because Not only do I wear it in the summer months, but actually I can wear it all year round. This one product has versatility for any season and I have to say I need to restock this one. I use it a lot! LOL! Best investment ever! Do give this one a try!

I have the shade Tan Sand (tan skin with yellow undertones)  

I wanted to share the best foundations I enjoy wearing. As, we know one shade isn’t effective in every season. I opted for 3 different products. In most cases, you can blend two foundation to create a perfect shade. For the Cover Fx, I found it doesn’t mix well with the other shades. Honestly, I don’t mix them, as I feel they compliment my complexion well on their own. I do want to check into other brands. But I prefer brands that support the health of my skin. I hope you’ll check these out, remember to research what works for your skin, because I only share products I enjoy, love, and have tried out. Check them out!

What are your current favorite foundations?

I’d like to give them a try!


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Thank you !


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